There is something incredibly powerful in having red lips. Every time I’ve put on my red lipstick on I felt this incredible reassurance and confidence, like I have completely transformed who I am. I remember when I first wore a red lipstick, I was only 14 still learning the “do’s” and “don’ts” of makeup. No one told me that you don’t wear red lips with a heavy smokey eye, especially in hot summer days, well, I’ve always liked to stand out. But weeks earlier when I’d bought my first red lipstick ever, I felt so incredible, womanly and for lack of a better word, happy.

In the whole history of makeup, red lips still remain the most iconic ones, from movie stars such as Grace Kelly and to rock stars of 70’s, such as the likes of Debbie Harry have all worn worn their never fading red lipsticks with power and pride. And when it comes to red lips there’s simply no such a thing as “out of fashion” as red lipstick isn’t a fashion trend, it’s a statement, putting that extra colour on in the morning can manifest so many things. It’s like putting an extra piece of jewellery, a good old fashioned red lips can change an entire fashion look.

As the festive season is here and as cliche as it may sounds, Christmas time, could never be fully complete without a good old fashioned red lipstick, and whenever you are planning to buy that make up essential to your mother, sister, girlfriend or simply for yourself, you won’t go wrong. Why? Because I did the research part for you and found the best lipsticks on the market, I’ve tested out and fallen in love with all these little pieces deep and in many different ways.


Pixie by Petra

Matte Lustre in “Classic Red”

As I like to say, nothing is more timeless than red and Pixi by Peta is getting my point perfectly!! It’s a classic.  Like I said, you cannot go wrong with red! And this Matte Lustre, is a pure perfect shade of red I have seen! It also contrasts beautifully on the pastel green packaging that is known for Pixie by Petra beauty! Not only the packaging of the lipstick is striking but the colour of the lipstick itself is one of the truest shades of red I’ve seen on high street! Falling more into the warm tone of red it can add such a cozy vibe to any makeup looks, whenever it’s for Christmas or not.

Price: £14.00

For who: A Marilyn Monroe fanatic.

Colour: 8/10             Comfort: 9/10               Lasting: 8/10




Lavera Naturkosmatik

Bio Organic in “Timeless Red”

As much as we don’t discriminate when it comes to beauty, I have to admit, my soft spot must be for organic – beauty product everything! Not only organic products are better for the environment, but they’re also much better for your skin, and for this case the lips. No wonder this lipstick feels more like a lip balm than a lipstick! But unlike lip balm it has a nice shimmer to it, which of course you can only find in good quality lipstick, and unlike other lipsticks there isn’t any wavy taste to it, let’s admit it, at some point we all end up tasting that lipstick anyway, it may at least not taste like a candle! The colour of it isn’t the good old traditional red like you’d expect it, as it goes more into cool tone red, with a touch of pink in there. But it makes a perfect everyday festive lipstick!


For who: All the organic beauty lovers.

Colour: 7/10             Comfort: 10/10               Lasting: 8/10



MeMeMe Cosmetics

Lip Glide in “Deep Scarlet”

As much as this is a lipstick edit, I need to defend myself and say that lipsticks aren’t everything this article is about! Not to bore all of you will the same type of products, I’ve decided to throw a lip glide in there as well! And there’s a good reason for it! It is simply amazing! It’s quite heavy and thick, but the lasting of this little beauty gem is simply amazing! It stays on the lips for a good couple of hours, and if you’re wearing a red lip, what else would you want?! Thank’s to the pencil shape of it, it makes it so much easier to apply, and if you suffer from thin lips, then this product will be your lifesaver, as going on the edges of the lips makes it easy as a piece of cake! You can have your cake, and eat it too! With this lipstick, it won’t smudge – I swear!


For who: For those who like to do their make up on the go!

Colour: 10/10              Comfort: 8/10               Lasting: 9/10




Luxe Cream Lipstick in “Cross my Heart”

Ladies and gentleman, the picture clearly doesn’t give away the true beauty of the dark red that the shade “Cross my Heart” from Luxe Cream Lipstick collection of Zoeva is. If you’re not into the classic red’s and like to stand out from the crowd, this dark red shade of this Zoeva lipstick is just for you! The creamy texture and long lasting feature of the luxe lipstick is an ideal gift for anyone who like’s to add a little “bam” to their make up looks, forget about being classy, be unique and stand out! Life’s too short, and if someone starts calling you a Goth, apply this lipstick on them too. They’ll thank you too, trust me! It’s also ultra moisturizing – I swear, cross my heart and hope to die!

Price: £7.50

For who: Someone who like’s to stand out.

Colour: 10/10             Comfort: 9/10               Lasting: 9/10





Make Up Revolution

Intense Lip Lacquer Salvation in “A love like that”

Nothing sets off a festive mood like a bit of shimmer and I am not talking about glitter. I’m talking about that shimmer, which is so common for liquid lipstick for a reason, it simply looks really good when you put it on! Not only does it add that extra volume on the lips, and as we know that’s all the rage right now, it also nourishes them so we don’t end up with cracked lips. Not a good look for a holiday season or not! The precise  applicator is just amazing for application, it gets ideally on the edges and corners of the lips! And as it’s a liquid lipstick, I wouldn’t expect anything else than a long-lasting feature, which of course didn’t disappoint me at all. For the price that is Lip Lacquer Salvation, I must admit I was shocked about the high-end quality of this lipstick! It does not move, it says on the lips. Ideal to wear for Christmas parties isn’t it! Make Up Revolution, you’re not giving yourself enough credit! 


For who: Those on a budget but still want high end quality.

Colour: 9/10           Comfort: 8/10              Lasting: 10/10



Glo & Ray

La Amo in “Seduce”

Glo & Ray came out with their new collection of La Amo and ahh talk about love. Can you legitimately fall in love with a lipstick, because I think I just did! When you look at this lipstick you think “Oh it’s matte” and then you realize that in fact it has tinny bits of glitter hiding between pigmentation of the red. When applied the lipstick isn’t glittery at all, it’s still keeping its matte formula but when seen under the light, you can see the shimmer shinning. It’s such a warm tone of red but the kind you’d like to wear for a big night out, as the colour is so sublte, yet it stands out, and it will be seen even during the night!


For who: For the shy glitter lovers.

Colour: 9/10             Comfort: 8/10              Lasting: 7/10




Guava Moisturising Lipstick in “55 Red”

I was testing out this lipstick during London Fashion Week, and guess who got lot’s of complements on their lipstick. Yes, me. Thank you Korres! But in all seriousness, if you suffer from thin lips, and aren’t always into the “bold lip” look, then this lipstick is the one! The thin formula of the lipstick will make your application so much easier, no more going over the lines and ending up looking like a clown. The colour of the red is also extremely unique, and again the picture clearly doesn’t do it justice to what this lipstick is like in real life because I’m talking about a red, true, Christmassy red! Going little into the orange side of red, keeping that warm tone of the lips for a few hours, depending on what you’re doing of course. And have I mentioned that the smell of it is just- well, divine?! And it really is moisturizing, talking about having lipstick and lip balm in one.

Price: £15.00

For who: Anyone who has thin lips, trust me, they’ll thank you and bow down.

Colour: 8/10              Comfort: 8/10              Lasting: 7/10




Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt in “Classic Red”

As much as during Christmas or any season let’s be real, we like a bit of shimmer and glitter going on our lips. However, not everyone is into that look,  but then again not everyone is into the fully matte lip, so what’s the other option? Velvet, lips! It’s not matte nor is it Shimmery! Velvet Touch is the perfect alternative for those who are little in between when it comes to the lipstick texture. When you put on it adds such a natural glow to the lips, making it look fuller and natural, even in red! The picture however, doesn’t do the justice to the true colour of the lipstick, because if the name says “Classic Red” trust me, it is classic red! Keeping the true pigmentation of the red and it’s really long lasting, no matter what you do, adding that extra volume to the lips, but maintaining this natural look, say goodbye to plastic surgery!

Price: £6.99

For who: A true matt lover.

Colour: 9/10              Comfort: 8/10              Lasting: 8/10