My new skincare treatment arrives… How exciting.  A neatly boxed up kit of skincare products and high tech gadgets from WrinkleMD designed to “effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles” for my forehead.   I want to see if this really does what it claims and how effective it will actually be.  I’m intrigued by the instructions and start unpacking….

It’s really nicely presented and the pictures on the box show me very clear guidelines and instructions as to how I need to use it.  It even shows you an idea of what results I can expect to see.  So far, so good; I understand exactly what I need to do.

Even though I’m already starting with clean skin, I follow the instructions to the letter and apply the WrinkleMD Infusion Skin Prep all over my face with cotton wool.Infusion Skin Prep 4 fl oz_ _22_25 - WrinkleMD It’s an alcohol free skin cleanser, which WrinkleMD have designed to enhance the conductivity of the Hyaluronic Acid (HA) infusion patches and to ensure they stick properly and fully to the forehead for treatment to work best.  It’s clear and applies easily over the skin.  Once this is done, I’m ready to start – The instructions say that my skin needs to be dry before I start the treatment.

Next, I am told to unpack the connector buds and activator pod, along with one of the HA Infusion Patches.  This part of the treatment is where it gets technical, so I’ll hand you over to WrinkleMD to explain how this works!

“Most skincare products use a moisturiser grade Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that works on the skin’s surface.  WrinkleMD uses a medical-grade H and Micro-Pulse Ion Technology to work at a deeper level and effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Avoiding needles, pain and costly appointments, WrinkleMD’s hands-free design makes it easy to use.  All you need to do is put a locket, which houses a small battery and microcomputer around your neck and attach its buds to two comfortable and pre-loaded disposable patches designed to cover the area around your brow. Using micro-pulses of positive and negative charges, the technology then infuses your skin with the perfect amount of HA by constantly calibrating your skin’s hydration level.  The treatment concludes with a serum (included in the set) that provides extended results and seals in moisture to keep skin hydrated.

It’s the first and only of its kind and is changing everything about anti-aging skincare.  AND, it’s designed for use at home!  This means that everyone can benefit from using medical-grade skincare techniques normally used by dermatologists. WrinkleMD say the results start immediately, with 95% of women experiencing smoother, softer and plumper looking skin after just one use.

So with the connector buds unpacked, and an HA infusion patch at the ready, I connect the buds to the poppers on the patch.  The sticky back of the patch is attached to a clear plastic film which removes easily and I stick it to my forehead with the wires tucked behind my ears.

The activator pod starts to work for 30 minutes once it comes into contact with your skin.  You don’t need to do anything, it’s as easy as that.  Sit back and relax.  The pod reads your skins hydration levels and then sends micro-pulses of positive and negative charges to the patch.  The ingredients in the patch then painlessly work into your skin.  Because the activator pod starts and stops on it’s own, you don’t need to time it, and can go off and do what you need to whilst it’s working it’s magic.

Once your time is up, you disconnect the buds and activator pod and store them in the drawstring pouch supplied to keep them safe.  It’s now time to remove and dispose of the used patch too.  I have to admit I was worried about having a sticky residue left on my forehead from the patch, but I was amazed.  Nothing there, and even better, my skin did really feel tighter and softer – noticeably so.

Youth Serum HA 1 fl oz_ _79_00 - WrinkleMDThe final part is applying the Youth Serum HA after using the patch.  They recommend using the patches twice a week for the first week and once a week after that.  The Youth Serum itself can be used morning and night on clean skin and should definitely be applied immediately after using the WrinkleMD patches.

WrinkleMD is available at top spas, beauty salons and a few leading department stores, as well as online at:

Overall, I’m impressed!  It definitely gets the ‘Stamp of Approval’ – and I’m only on week 3!