This is the question I’ve been asking myself for a while, we all know not everyone can afford £900 pounds shoes from Gucci or the amazing 2.55 bag from Chanel – which is totally timeless but it costs over £1,000 and the price of it goes up each year. So, why are we all attached and infatuated by all these expensive stuff? Is it the design? The quality? The special treatment you get from the sale people when you buy your item? Or is it simply the exclusivity?

When it comes to Fashion I like to be one of a kind, seeing someone with the same bag or shoes as me, ruins my whole day and automatically makes me question my purchase. But then again I desperately want the Chanel Boy bag which is literality everywhere. And nowhere. When it comes to designer handbags I have noticed so many people have them, yet it seems like no one has them. But let’s face it if you are an owner of such a bag, even if your whole outfit is Topshop, you will look exquisite. But where is the exclusivity when hundreds of people have the same thing?

Being generally curious about the subject I have done a little research to find out why buying something expensive or designer makes us happier than buying off high street retailers. I have began my research by treating myself and making my first Chanel purchase. Simply because we all need a bit of Chanel in our lives. I have bought a little pocket mirror from Chanel in Harvey Nichols in Kingsbridge. The price of it was funny, 26 pounds for a pocket mirror seems a bit obscene doesn’t it? But guess what? I didn’t care.

The purchase hasn’t hurt my wallet or conscience, I would happily walk home, not eat lunch and stop going out to experience the thrill of having the wanted item. So it happened after literally years of years of waiting I had the wanted Chanel in my life. Do you think that killed my love for designer pieces or made me little bit less obsessive over them? Not even a bit! Once I’ve bought the mirror that was it! My mind went into even bigger obsessive spiral over designer pieces. I would spend hours looking at tone of designer sites as well as the ones for used but discounted pieces to find my new, as I like to call my favourite fashion items, baby.

Guess, what! I’ve got my hands on some really fabulous stuff, like a tailored Michel Kors jacket or Alexander McQueen scarf. But buying online for much lower price isn’t as thrilling as walking into a spacious shop, talking to sale assistants about the wanted item and seeing your purchase being packed with care and attention. And that’s when I’ve realised that it’s not necessarily about the item your buying, in some sense yes it, we all love a new handbag or jacket but the care you feel when your most wanted purchase is being packed and we all walk away happy with the bag from the store. I don’t know about you but these little things such as packaging, dust bag or even a handwritten note from a brand or a designer are such things that make my day the most!