Lady GaGa fans got to see the Video debut of G.U.Y last night, which was most anticipated after the video for Venus was never released in the end. The YouTube/Vevo video is described as an ‘ARTPOP’ film, which is the very first. Does anyone remember when the ‘Applause’ singer promised us cinematic videos for every song she’s was going to release, that never happened. Watching the video we saw the time lapse 11mins, so we were expecting a full length story, GAGA style! If anything the music video left fans confused, some excited and just overall disappointed. It seemed that their was no structure to the video, and we all know GaGa for her overly contextualised videos, with secret meanings and little clues that make you watch over and over again. This time it just seemed like a really bad short video compilation of all the songs the singer wanted to release but she ran out of time, not to put a damper on how well the video is made.

Don’t get us wrong, the music video for G.U.Y is amazing and GaGa looks amazing with her poker straight long platinum blonde hair, but we kind of expected more from the artist. Especially with a titled like that, maybe its a starting point for a more deeper meaning set of videos to come out that will relate back, who knows. Generally the video for this song is sexy, colourful and everyone will no doubt enjoy it. I don’t think we needed the long intro with other songs attached just for the sake of it, the video could stand alone quite well. Don’t get us started on the stupidly long credit titles, we’re all for making sure everyone gets accredited but come on!! You guys can watch the video here.