You know what’s so special about press days? The fact that you get to see all the exciting trends and clothes first! It’s kind of the point! But it does make you feel special. Imagine seeing the brands way before everyone else does! Sounds like a fashion dream right? Well the Vans press day made this dream into a reality and not only this dream. Shoes, shoes and once again shoes! While high heels are my favourite type of shoes of all time, I like something bit more closer to earth too.

The “Off the Wall” Vans collection was incredible . I’m sure if my 14 year old self would have seen this I would cry out of happiness! I know they’re suppose to be off the wall but I’m not the one who likes to follow rules. Well sometimes at least, and vans are those types of shoes that definitely have something in them that are waking up my inner bad ass.

Now, if none of you aren’t going to find at least one model of the shoes here I have no idea what’s wrong with you because the sky is the limit when it comes to different patterns, colours and styles of vans you see here.

My particular favourite were the ones with galaxy print. Yes, I still didn’t get over how amazing this print looks. On everything! I have found also found the Star Wars print so unique on Vans. This new ‘Off the Wall” collection is suitable for everyone due to the high level of diversity in design. Unlike high heels, Vans are known for their comfort and some of you might already notice how comfort in shoes is starting to drown streets of the biggest fashion cities. I feel like I see Vans everywhere! If you have read my article on ‘Shoes for S/S 14’ slip on shoes were one of my musts haves this season. Vans defiantly are in this category and who could blame me?