I have been training my waist for the past 4 weeks with my superior body shaper from get waisted, although at first I could not breathe my body soon moulded into it and even at times I forgot I had it on. Waist training takes a lot of dedication and results are best seen followed with training and a diet, which I certainly have been lacking on. The waist trainer helps you get the figure you have always wanted by instantly lifting, shaping, and slimming the body while also flattening your stomach, waist and hips. These all help you to lose weight and reduce waist measurements.

Although these trainers will give you great shape they are also very stylish, ranging from different colours  and styles. Waist trainers are used by some of the worlds most A-list celebrities including Kim Kardashian. UK models include Britain’s Next Top Model Alisha White, Farah Sattaur and Joanna Omolara.

Waist training is not a easy fix, it will take time and a lot of hard work but the results are worth it, even though I haven’t been doing that well with the eating side of things by just wearing my waist trainer I can see a difference.

The corsets come in different styles and range from £45-£55, well worth the pounds is say. Sizing will all depend on your heart and bust, waist and hip measurements which you can get from the get waisted UK website.