Workouts today can sometimes seem like an electronics showcase. There are gadgets for monitoring steps and hear trate, smartphones linked to ear buds for music, and even a device so athletes don’t get lost in the zone. All this makes the workout more work than fun. TomTom, the creator of easy-to-use automotive GPS devices, has eliminated all “stuff” and the result is the new Spark GPS Fitness Watch.  Instead of carrying a separate device with headphones and wires, the Spark features 3GB of on-board music storage and Bluetooth® connectivity. The connected athlete can now run, cycle, swim, ski or workout to up to 500 songs – it’s a sure bet, though, that one’s energy runs out before the music does. Playlists can be customized to reflect a workout  and easily transferred from Windows Media Player or iTunes. Wireless headphones let users listen to their music selection, or get real-time updates from their voice coach.


With its ultra-slim design and customizable straps, the Spark looks great while delivering a first class  workout.  The Spark provides all the monitoring needed to track fitness and progress, inside or out, even when swimming. Count calories, miles, or steps and monitor heart rate without adding extra wiring or a sweaty chest strap. Wear the Spark 24/7 and it provides a continuous log of sleep duration, steps and calories burned. Upload and review stats wirelessly, and monitor progress via the MySports app via multiple platforms.

Of course, being a TomTom, it also has GPS tracking with Quick GPSFix so tany user doesn’t have to worry about missing a step. Lose all the wires, but keep track of the workout, with the Spark GPS Fitness Watch from TomTom.