Meade Magazine’s beauty team are always on the look out and love anything that help keep them looking younger, and Beauty Editor, Katrina Stamp is no exception.  She’s been testing Timeless Truth facial masks from ranges Fusion & Luxury, which provide the latest in bio-technology for amazing anti-ageing results.

The masks are packed with beneficial serum that can be extremely refreshing and awakening if placed in the fridge before using, or comforting and relaxing if the packet is placed in warm water first.

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Timeless Truth Fusion Masks are innovative masks made from a unique and patented fabric cut into a ‘face shape’ which you can easily apply.  This is not the usual packet cream or gel mask, but masks impregnated with dehydrated product and then packed in serum.  This cutting edge system uses extracts in freeze dried powder form within the cloth, which are shown as a coloured check formation on one side of the mask cloth.  This beneficial powder is released onto the skin once the mask is applied. The combination of the powder and serum results in maximum efficiency, greater absorption and, ultimately, a fantastic treatment.

Masks in this Fusion range include:

  • Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask (Black)  – The Bamboo Charcoal Extract used in this treatment is created at a very high temperature and is highly absorbent with a deep cleansing effect.  Suitable for all skin types, and Paraben free, it instantly brightens, smoothes, firms and hydrates the skin.  The results were superb, after applying to clean skin and leaving on for 15/20 minutes.Charcoal  Detox Brightening Mask and Sachet
  • Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask (Yellow) – Organic Immortelle Extract with Hylauronic Acid helps reduce fine lines and the visible signs of ageing.  Skin is nourished and stimulated whilst the upper layers of the epidermis are moisturised.
  • Deep Sea Water Extract Moisturising Mask (Marine Blue/Green) – The Deep Sea Water Extract creates an effective moisturising effect while Algae Extract helps protect the skin from free radical damage.  The aqueous, light texture is immediately absorbed leaving the skin luminous and glowing.
  • Multipeptide Calming Revitalising Mask (Pink) – The pink powder in this mask contains negative ions which increase circulation helping to relax facial tension. This firms but relaxes tense muscles thereby helping to reduce fine lines and visible signs of ageing.
  • Green Tea Phenol Soothing Mask (Green) – With natural Extract of Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Chamomile, this treatment helps prevent premature signs of ageing.  The masks help to fortify the skin from oxidation while simultaneously regulating oily secretions. Uneven skin tone and texture is improved and enlarged pores are minimised.

The second range of face masks from Timeless Truth is the Luxury range.  These masks are made from state of the art fibres including bio-cellulose, elastic cotton and silk fibres. The range includes cutting edge masks featuring sumptuous ingredients for results driven treatments.

Masks in the Luxury range include Bio-Cellulose, Elasticity and Organic Silk Fibre Elixir Masks.

Bio-Cellulose Masks, which are the ultimate creation in state of the art anti-ageing skincare.   Bio-Cellulose contains fibres that are highly compatible with the human body and can deeply penetrate through the inner layers of the skin whilst allowing the skin to breathe.  Bio-Cellulose Bee Venom Mask - Box of 5 & Sachet

There are 4 Bio-Cellulose masks:

  • The Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Miracle Mask combines Bee Venom, which dates back to ancient times when medicines and creams containing it were used for many conditions.   Now it is hailed as the natural alternative to Botox, and with Royal Jelly, ‘the elixir of youth’ these active ingredients stimulate the production of collagen to help smooth, lift and tighten the skin. A magical combination! The Bee Venom also contains a compound called Melittin, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • The Apple Stem Cell Collagen Mask features Stem Cells extracted from Swiss Apple Uttwiler Spätlauber.  The Stem Cells provide nutrients to nourish and stimulate the skin.  By acting in a similar way to human Stem Cells, they help to repair damaged tissue and delay the signs of ageing. This Stem Cell ‘technology’ is combined with Marine Collagen which helps to promote suppleness and elasticity in the skin, making it ideal for fatigued or dehydrated skin.
  • The Rejuvenating Eye Mask uses a specialised formulation of active ingredients, such as Olive Oil and Hyaluronic Acid,  which leave the eye area feeling moisturised whilst enhancing the skin’s suppleness and elasticity.  Other active ingredients include Multipeptides, which stimulate collagen production, and Anti Oxidants, further enhancing the Eye Mask’s anti-ageing ‘credentials’.
  • The Bio-Cellulose (EGF) Mask uses the active ingredient Epidermal Growth Factor to target loss of firmness, moisture and radiance in the skin as well as helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Elasticity Masks use elasticated stretchable cloth which is hooked around your ears enabling comprehensive contact between your face and the mask.

The 3 masks include:

  • Q10 Caviar Nourishing Mask – A Paraben free anti-ageing mask containing co-enzyme Q10, which helps promote skin cell turnover and reduce the visible signs of ageing.  Coenzyme Q10, also known as Ubiquinone, is an essential component of our cells, which promotes energy production.  Coenzyme Q10 decreases as we age, however with this comprehensive and high performance anti ageing mask, not only does it recharge the skin’s vitality balance, it also helps reduce the visible signs of ageing.
  • Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask – A replenishing and hydrating mask which locks in moisture and plumps the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and radiant.
  • Miracle Rejuvenation Mask – A brightening mask that rejuvenates and refines the look of the skin, helping to even out the skin tone and diminish the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.

Created from delicate silk fibre cloth, the Organic Silk Fibre Elixir Mask perfectly fits to the curves of your face, helping your skin to bond to the cloth whilst maximising the absorption of the organic serum.  This regenerating mask uses Organic Bear Berry and Algae to stimulate cell production, Travel Mask Pack - Single Sachetimproving the quality of the skin’s collagen and elastin fibres and creating a firm supportive structure.

The latest addition to the range is the innovative Timeless Travel Pack, which features an ingenious 3 in 1 system to suit all travel needs.  Its compact design and clever formulation features one sachet with three sections – 1: an oil based make up remover; 2: a water based deep cleanser & 3: a Silk fibre moisturising mask.

Designed to assist with the appearance of dull, dehydrated and tired looking skin during travel, this express mask hydrates and freshens as well as infusing the skin with moisturising, nourishing and protective extracts.   Featuring Hyaluronic Acid, the mask helps to retain moisture in the skin, keeping dryness at bay.  The collagen fibres also stay hydrated which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The light aqueous texture is immediately absorbed into the skin making it supple, hydrated and glowing.  The use of a Silk fibre mask means that it is barely detectable on the skin, enhancing your experience of this effective treatment mask.


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