At the beginning of a season, there is always the question to address: Where do we go from here? I started reading a Gothic romance that was written in the 70’s, which got us thinking about a darker, dream state for this collection. And so the creative journey began once more.

The mood took a darker romantic tone, inspired by the work of Escher and referenced by the creative escapism captured by Tim Walker photographs. This collection reflects something much more intricate and embodies the process of transformation between bold tailored structures into something more softer and romantic.

This level of intricacy is illustrated in every Three Floor Piece.

Signature details:

We took a Floralistic approach to lace with embroideries flourishing across the body and adorning the neck. Soft Pleating, billowy ruffles and ethereal sheers are matched with Guipure laces and evening twills that hint on a synchronic twist to classic Three Floor silhouettes. While off shoulder details and high slash cuts compliment dresses with a vixen appeal.

Signature Colours:

A labyrinth of rich colours such as Ink blue, Plum, Deep Orchid and Bordeaux into Black, epitomised in a multitude of textures for an evening look.

Signature Pieces:

The collection as whole is a beautiful curation of classic Three Floor with some new additions. Our favourites are; “Maurelle”, a commanding piece of Victorian splendour of fine pleating and lace trim. There is also the tailored look of “Petite Coquette”, with it’s structured ruffle on the sleeves and optical lace panels. And of course the utterly, alluring “Floral Feeling”, crafted from an embroidered lace on a transparent mesh lining. It adds a new dimension to the classic LBD.