Asking people how they feel about vaping might seem like an innocent question, yet it ignites controversy. Parents have been using vaporizers in their children’s bedroom for decades and aromatherapy is all the rage.  Enter into a discussion about using a portable handheld vaporizer, and the conversation gets lost in debates regarding e-cigarettes and anti-smoking legislation. What is the truth about vaping?

The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute have favourable views on the use of aromatherapy and essential oils to reduce stress, enhance relaxation and promote healing. A vaporizer then is merely a device which enables users to utilize these same resources.

As we explore alternatives to traditional medicine, many are starting to vape as part of a daily health routine. Instead of burning or combustion, vaporizers use temperature control to produce a sufficient amount of heat that vaporizes the active ingredients in the essential oils, which are then inhaled. Not all vaporizers can be used for aromatherapy, so it is important to look for one that provides precision temperature control and is capable of heating loose leaf as well as oils.

For those interested in experiencing vaping intelligently the best vaporizer I have currently found on the market is the DaVinci Ascent. With an online sales price of approximately $249, the Ascent is quickly becoming one of the best-selling and best-reviewed portable vaporizers available. While some vaporizers have an antiquated look or a bulky feel, the Ascent offers users sleek styling without compromising the positive effects of vaping. Equally impressive are custom packaged bundles allowing consumers to create a array of delights that reflect one’s personal style.

The appearance isn’t the only thing that is high-tech about the Ascent. Vapers have the ability to “dial in” the exact temperature they want, to get a personalized vaping experience. Add to this the all-glass vapor path from product to mouth and the result is a fully realized taste.

Aroma and essential oil blends are provided by Essential Earth Blends using 100% organic products. With names like Breathe, Calm, Endure, Energy, Flex, Recall, Relax, and Soothe, users can choose the experience to suit their current mood. While the Ascent is sold for aromatherapy purposes, some people also use it for medical marijuana in states where it is permissible. By dialing in the specific temperature, medical users can actually “vape away” the buzz that comes from cannabis, while preserving the beneficial CBD (cannabidiol) to assist with pain or induce appetite.

DaVinci is the essence of innovation as they own their manufacturing facility, allowing them the flexibility to offer a wider range of truly unique options. The future of vaping is still somewhat unclear, but forward-thinking companies like DaVinci are changing the way many people think about the art and science of vaping.