Allegory Handcrafted Goods of Chicago has created a Kickstarter venture to offer a new product that blends the traditions of Ecuador and eco-conscious manufacturing with a bold fashion statement that is beautiful and durable. On its exterior, the Macana Bag is an understated combination of a minimalist design and functionality. Once opened, though, it reveals an inner beauty that is based on a living piece of human history. The lining is a hand-woven, intricately crafted fabric made using traditional Incan methods.

Allegory teamed with Pro Ecuador, an organization that focuses on creating international business opportunities while celebrating and preserving the artisanal traditions of Ecuador. The macana is the traditional shawl worn by women in Ecuador since Incan times. The fabric is woven by hand using handmade looms, the dyes are made from local rocks, plants and bugs, and the intricate patterns are symbols of indigenous life in Ecuador. The leather bags were created around this fabric in order to preserve this important piece of native culture.


The Messenger Bag is a full-sized bag measuring 15.7” wide and 10.6” tall, while the Mail Bag is a bit smaller, measuring 10” wide and 12.2” tall. Both are available in coffee, saddle and charcoal colors. Five traditional Macana designs are available for the interior fabric including snail, corn, flower, dancer and hummingbird. Customizable options allow users to truly make the bag their own. The timeless simplicity of the design bodes well for owners, as the bags have extra features built in to provide durability and longevity.

Allegory is dedicated to bringing meaning back into the objects we carry every day through thoughtful design, excellent craftsmanship, and materials with a story. Their current product line contains several writing instruments made with reclaimed woods, and handcrafted leather goods. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the bag will be reinvested into the Ecuadoran artisans to help them purchase tools they need to grow their business. With its impressive story and functional design, the Macana bag is perfect for the socially-conscious consumer who values both form and fashion.

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