The House of Nines also known as Ross Paul Keenan and Shamrez Marawat. Ross studied at University of East London and Sham studied at London College of Fashion. The House of Nines was conceived on Savile Row with an inaugural collection launched in 2012. When asked who would be their ideal client their response was: “The modern man who believes in uncompromising artistry. He seeks the same enrichment in attire as he seeks in life itself.” Taking a look at their new collection it was really cool and quirky, lots of dark colours, we even spotted a shirt with skulls on. Stick some gothic on it and we’re all over it, so we asked the designer about their collection and they described it as: “The parallels of religion and war in the modern world.”
2014-01-08 14.37.26Looking at the collection you can see the classical mens tailoring in the clothes, the theme gives away why the collection is quite dark. When you think of War and Religion colliding you think of dark times, maybe thats why the designer added the skull, a symbol of death. The jacket behind the shirt is simply gorgeous has that vintage feel to it, it would go perfectly with that shirt, we love when designers come up with themes of symbolism. The House of Nines ensures superior quality in the architecture and execution of its every piece. They challenge the perception of British Menswear to arrive at a long-awaited rebirth of the form. Industrial landscapes inform sharply engineered silhouettes and muted tones.
When you think of the type of man would wear this, our thoughts immediately go to Indie guys, who love this kind of retro feeling. Styles move and adapt as time goes on, which is why we can never get enough of the fashion world.

Words by: Fossy Meade and Lewis-Duncan Weedon