While the Red Carpet is heating up for another season of step and return, Tinsel Town continues to glitter with an array of goodies lovingly known as swag. Those nearly iconic “swag bags” celebrities receive at awards shows continue to be overflowing with an array of interesting, intriguing and at times downright confusing things. Companies scramble to have their high-profile products gain exposure and pony up with impressive amounts of loot in hopes that our celebrities will at least use the brand or better yet be seen wearing it, talking about or in some cases driving it.  Rest assured it is no longer a free ride for the rich and famous. There are some downsides to the swag bag game as well.

Take this year’s Oscar Nominees’ Bag for example. Valued at nearly $80,000, the Internal Revenue Service is surely keeping a watchful eye. These items are taxable income and not gifts because those giving the bags do not do so “solely out of affection, respect, or similar impulses for the recipients.”

Celebrity Party Bags- Final4-NEW

So what do celebs do with all this stuff? Surprisingly not everyone wants a $16,000 hair transplant or a $15,000 walking tour of Japan. Yet some items remain distinctly Hollywood, take for instance the lifetime membership to a mind gym or the ever popular cosmetic surgery discount, but some celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres find ways to do some good – As each bag will offer a donation from her all-natural pet food company to the animal rescue or shelter of the recipient’s choice, a $6,100 retail value. A little charity to offset the income never hurt the tax return, either.

Not far behind was this year’s Emmys Guests’ Bags, valued at about $50,000, including a five night stay in Bali, five star Aspen holiday, and all-inclusive trip to Cancun. The question begs… Who has time to work with all the traveling? The MTV Video Music Awards bag worth about $3,000, contained a smart guitar, rum, a bartending app and dental floss – Dental floss? Indeed even a rock star needs to good oral hygiene… Not a fan of flossing? Attend the Grammys and receive a $20,000 bag including a trip to Las Vegas and Gibson guitars.

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Yes, it’s not easy being a star. They’ll probably need their new home spa system just to cope with all the stress of the celebrity swag bag – How do you fit a home spa in a bag?

Here are the rest of the Celebrity Swag Bags.

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Image source: www.hawkin.com