Nude lips existed for thousands of years, it’s not like we have red lips naturally (altho that’d be awesome!) and ever since make up was invented nude lipstick were a big part of it, even if you’re not into make up, I bet I can find a nude lipstick somewhere in those drawers! However it seems like last year because of a certain teen celebrity, I think we all know who I’m talking about, the nude lips, kind of blew up! Which is totally understandable, don’t we all like the whole “make up, no- make up face.”? And when it comes to lips this look is perfect! In my last lipstick article, which can be found here, I was talking about the reds, ideal for the festive season, but the nudes can be worn just anytime and anywhere. Especially since there’s so much to chose from! I’ve been in a hunt, for the best lipstick products and shades of nudes, and let me tell you, the variety got me off my feet!



Glamstick in “Bite”

First off. Can we talk about the packaging? Rodial must be one of the best brands in the make up market when it comes to their product packaging, and the products inside of them don’t disappoint either! The creamy consistency of the lipstick helps lips stay hydrated throughout the day, and we all know a little bit too well that the chapped lips is just not a good look, even if it’s totally understandable for winter, at Meade we won’t have it. This all natural ingredients lipstick is one of the most natural shades of nude I have seen, it’s more on the warm tone, hence it can look a little orange at times, but if put in decent amounts at once one will see it. I highly recommend it for it’s moisturizing factors, because there’s nothing better than having a lipstick that’s not only looking good but it’s actually good for our skin, and lips!

Price: £25

Colour: 8/10             Comfort: 10/10               Lasting: 8/10




Pixi by Petra

Mattelustre Lipstick Lipstick “Rose Naturalle”

The name speak for it’s self. It’s colour is just phenomenal! It’s the ideal dark nude, that also have bit of rose pigment to it, that’s isn’t  too harsh so it’s ideal for those who have darker skin or simply like a dark nude lip. And we all know that these shades have been all the rage right now. And I honestly cannot judge, because this lip colour looks great on everybody!

Price: £14.00

Colour: 10/10             Comfort: 9/10               Lasting: 8/10





Matt “Antique”

If you’re in the hunt for a dark nude, this is the one! I have never seen such a perfect dark nude from a high street make up brand! It’s your ultimate, cool,tone  dark nude! It’s super pigmented, in fact all you need is one swipe of this on your lips and bam, you’re good to go!  It’s bit more heaver than other lipsticks, but it doesn’t take anything from the comfort side, in fact it’s really comfortable perfect shade of nude for those who can’t decide between the natural look and a fancy look, because, I swear this lipstick can look both!

Price: £6.99

Colour: 10/10              Comfort: 8/10              Lasting: 8/10



Glo & Ray

La Amo “Freeze”

Glo & Ray is not a new brand to me, in fact I have a pretty hefty collection of their lipsticks, however their new line “La Amo” is e v e  r y t h i n g! Not only the lipsticks are externally creamy and don’t feel like a lipstick at all, more like a lip balm, it’s hydrating, comfortable and who doesn’t like a multitasking product? You definitely get your money’s worth, and the lipstick itself isn’t that expensive either!


Colour: 8/10             Comfort: 8/10              Lasting: 7/10




Daniel Sandler

Micro-Bubble Lipstick “Micro Nude”

Price: £11

Another piece of beauty in the warm tone family, this “Micro – Bubble” lipstick is such a settle shade of nude with the hint of orange undertone to it that’s just ideal for those who have darker skin tone, but if you’re more on the pale side, and like a bit of “pop” on your lips, go on and purchase this item the moment you click off this article! The shade of it is so unique that it matches the cool tone and the warm tone eye make up, without overpowering it, which is what we ultimately want from a  nude lipstick. We want it to be seen but not from a mile away. The shimmer to it, almost adds the “full lips” effect, without looking like a clown, ladies remember, the attention should go either on the lips or eyes, never for both.

Colour: 7/10             Comfort: 8/10               Lasting:9/10



Ten Image

Glamorous Look Collection HD 8h “Soft Mocha” 

And another bit of luxury add into this natural edit. We all like a lipstick that doesn’t wear off after 2 hours, but than again who wants to spend hundred of pounds on a lipstick, just to keep it on?! No me, I’m always in a look out for an inexpensive products that have that luxury quality, colour and formula. This tinny piece of lip product, is it! Ten Image is another company that doesn’t give themselves enough credit for their products! This 8h lasting lipstick, packed in gold tube, not only look really luxurious and glamorous but also has this shooting feel to in, and specially if you suffer from easily dry lips but a chapstick isn’t too fashionable for you, I may have found a solution for you. The long lasting formula, that’s actually really lasts 8 hours, I checked, and while wearing it, I’ve been eating, drinking and talking and there were no smudges, discolour and lack of pigmentation to the first application!  Apart from that, which isn’t even the star of the show, the colour is just the most perfect mixture of natural and pink nude, with a warm tone base to it that will fit so many skin tones, it’s hard to think of better product so colour versatile!

Price: £17

Colour: 9/10             Comfort: 8/10               Lasting: 10/10



Doll 10

“Spoiled Rotten”

Please, hide every lip balm, lip stain, or any sort of lip product you ever had to protect your lips against the lipstick drying out your lips because with this beauty you won’t need it! It’s naturally hydrating formula helps the lips keeping the moisture thought the entire, and I mean entire day, because not only it’s hydrating but it’s also long pasting on the lips! I’m pretty sure it’s the balm in the middle of the lipstick, which can we talk about how amazing this idea is?! Why haven’t anyone else thought of that? It’s genius! But unlike other hydrating lipsticks the finish of it doesn’t looks so on the lips and it’s the perfect matt lipstick! And it stays matt for hours without drying on the lips like some lip products tend to do but instead it keeps that moisture and comfort! I can say with hand on my heart that it’s one of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve tired in my life, and I’ve playing around with make up for a long time! And last but not least, the colour. And once again this lipstick was a jackpot, as this colour will be your perfect shade of dark nude with that cool tone pink, so it won’t look like there isn’t any life you your lips.

Price: £26

Colour: 10/10             Comfort: 9/10               Lasting: 9/10



Luxe Cream Lipstick “Faith and Love”

This nude is perfect for people with warm undertones, as its not your typical nude shade, I like to say it’s more orange than nude, but having faith in Zoeva’s selection of colours, let it be nude. The colour however is perfect for those who like something more brighting (and with brown smokey eye, man! It’s a look!) It’s an ideal nude shade for the warmer weather, as well as the colder to remind us, especially here in Britain where we don’t get much sun lately, this colour really brightenss up the day, and face! It’s also really comfortable on the lips, it feels like nothing!

Price: £7.50

Colour: 8/10             Comfort: 9/10               Lasting: 9/10




Me Me Me Cosmetics

Lip Glide in “Rich Truffle”

Before I start raving this product, can we talk about how adorable is the name?! And in some weird way the name reflect the aesthetic of a truffle in the best way possible, apart from the fact it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but the smoothness of this lip glide definitely feels like one. It’s bit more on a heavy side when it comes to comfort, but it doesn’t feel like elephant is sitting on your lips so if heaviness of the lipstick is a concern for any of you, don’t worry you’re good. ESpeiclly if a matt finish is something you’re looking for becouse, this is 


Colour: 9/10              Comfort: 8/10               Lasting: 9/10




Perricone MD

No Lipstick, Lipstick “Broad Spectrum” SPF15

If wearing a lipstick isn’t your favourite part of the day, but oh gosh you need to show your face at the event and look little bit put together this “No Lipstick, lipstick” is the one for you. Because essentially it is a techicnally lipstick but it’s not. When put on the lips it looks super natural, like you’re not wearing any product, at all. The pink tone to adds a little bit of that healthy seen on the lips but doesn’t take the natural colour away which is want we want after all for the “no make up look.” I would personally say it’s 2 in 1 product, as it’s super hydrating  and moisturizing, it ultimately works as a fancy lip balm! But it also has SPF15 which if you live in hot environment, or are sensitive to sun it’s the product for you!

Price: £25

Colour: 7/10             Comfort: 10/10               Lasting: 7/10



Make Up Revolution

Velvet Matt Lip Laquer in “What I Believe”

Who likes a matt lip? And I mean a proper, matt, matt lip! The kind of matt, non transferable lip formula was found in the Velvet Matt Lip Laquer! And when I say non transferable I mean non transferable, you can do whenever you want with your lips while wearing this lipstick and it wont move an inch! It’s perfect for night’s out if you ask me! And it has such an amazing matt finish to it, that when wearing it some people asked me whenever I’ve putted powder on top of  the lipstick, I didn’t I just found a brand that truly understands a meaning of matt lipstick. The colour of it is also very true to the shade, as this is the nudest shade of nude in this edit! I mean, when wearing this and taken image of a certain angle my lips kind of despair and if that’s an effect any of you is looking for, here you go! It’s a perfect lipstick to wear with a smokey eye if you ask me!


Colour: 7/10           Comfort: 8/10              Lasting: 10/10



Credits :

Photography & Product Styling: Kinga Kurek