Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that Meade Online reserves the right to use any submitted content for publication on our website, print or promotional purposes. Copyright belongs to its original owner.

Meade Online does not pay for articles or editorials, unless expressly agreed in writing prior to submission. All authors receive a brief biography that includes links to your web site and social media site. This is published with your article, if and when provided.

Author Rights: If you are submitting a potential feature article, we request exclusive worldwide rights to publish the article at the Meade Online site for thirty days. Meade Online, retain non-exclusive rights after thirty days to archive your article on the site and all other rights as stated in the disclaimer below, which you must submit to be published. At no point do you lose your rights to your work.

Editing: Meade Online reserves the right to edit your submission for clarity, style, and format. In submitting an article you understand that you will not have final review rights before your article is published.
By submitting your article(s) to us;
1.You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to it.
2.Your submission to Meade Online gives unconditional permission for us to publish your article on the website and if featured, it may be distributed to our subscribers and social media followers.
3.It is the Meade Online’s sole decision as to whether your article is published and for how long. There are no guarantees made that your article(s) will be published. We reserve the right to remove your article(s) and/or account at any time for any reason.
4.Meade Online reserves the right to re-classify your article in a topic category that may be more suitable than originally submitted.
5.You acknowledge that we do not usually pay for submissions to our website, unless otherwise statement within discussions. The primary reason for submitting your article to our website is on the basis of building a portfolio and creditable name with the industry.
6.You declare that you will not send in any articles with direct affiliate links in them. We reject articles with direct affiliate links.

Please note that by submitting any article or editorial piece to Meade Online, you are agreeing to work under our Terms and Conditions which are provided above.

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