People who want the benefits of microdermabrasion and exfoliation are often faced with a sort of “all or nothing” choice. They can go to a doctor’s office and pay hundreds of dollars for professional treatments, or suffer with a home version that feels unwieldy, leaves a mess, and just doesn’t do the job. All too often, they are left trying to solve the mystery of why they can’t find a quality home microdermabrasion system that makes them feel and look better, without busting their budget.

Kelly West, a renowned Licensed Medical Aesthetician and beauty/skincare expert, must have been asking herself the very same question as she worked with some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists. During a career spanning over twenty years, she was struck by the physical and emotional benefits this process brought to clients, from soccer moms to Hollywood stars. Moved by their responses, she decided to solve the mystery by creating a professional home microdermabrasion beauty tool.


The result is the Microderm360°. The first thing you notice about the Microderm360° is its patent-pending 180-degree swivel neck. Instead of trying to maneuver a rigid product around your body’s hard-to-reach places, the swivel neck provides just the right angle so you can easily reach and treat not just your face, but your hands, neck, feet, elbows, and more.

Since home microdermabrasion provides a non-surgical, non-invasive, skin resurfacing through mechanical exfoliation, the next crucial component is the Diamond Tip. Kelly specified using medical grade stainless steel to achieve the best results, but didn’t stop at just one tip. Six interchangeable Diamond Tips – plumping, small coarse, large coarse, medium, fine, and super fine – give users exactly the right tool for the job. Each works to abrade the skin while a powerful vacuum sucks up dirt and bacteria, leaving pores extremely clean.


Skin should be completely clean, free of all makeup and creams, and dry before using the Microderm360°. The best time to apply a treatment at home is in the evening, so the skin can calm down afterwards. Use the low setting for the first treatment and for any sensitive areas, and power up to the high setting for non-sensitive parts of the body. Make short, quick strokes as you move the tool over your skin. Some users report that their skin appears fresher and tighter after just a single use. Afterwards, you should thoroughly moisturize your skin using gentle products and replace the filter. You can use the tool two to three times a week, depending on your individual skin sensitivity.

You’ll feel magically rejuvenated as the Microderm360° stimulates the blood circulation, as well as your body’s production of elastin, protein and vitamin D. Other benefits may include improved appearance of age spots, reduced scarring, diminished appearance of stretch marks and fine wrinkles, increased collagen production, and an overall fresher appearance. The mystery has been solved – now everyone has the opportunity to experience younger, fresher, firmer skin with Microderm360°.