As London Collections: Men are approaching in fast peace, it only felt appropriate to show the new T.M. Lewin menswear collection for autumn/ winter 2016! As always this luxury brand did not disappoint a bit. Known mainly for their designs of shirts and suits for menswear demographic, as well as womenswear. The collection presented couple of weeks ago was only menswear, which didn’t make it any less exciting. From the elegant menswear sit accessories such as  cravats, ties, bow ties made out of silk and both in one color as well as print, a delicate way to lighten up the autumn days. Of course it wouldn’t be a T.M. Lewin collection without their signature classic shirts in blue and white, as well in checkered, in different combinations from reds, blues and grey’s. The suits presented on the mannequins were in beautiful deep shades of gray and blue and also in the classic  blacks! And of course it wouldn’t be an autumn winter collection without a classic flannel shirts! Made out of the dull thrad of gray’s and reds, I wouldn’t expect anything else for the A/W season!

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