I got a chance to attended Pret- A- Porter PR Press Day where one of the biggest brands in fashion had their newest collections shown, straight off the catwalk. I am a huge lover of jewellery and statement pieces are a must for me. As I’ve walked in the venue where the event was held, there it was. The  Swarovski collection for A/W 2014/15 as well as for S/S 14. The brand originally from Czech Republic that has over 119 years in jewellery craftsmanship is known for its rich aesthetics.

The collection for A/W 2014/15 was dark, mysterious and seductive. Yet the pieces had a romantic and rock influence in them. The necklaces, earrings, bracelets with gradation of sparkling clear crystals all applied by hand. Bringing together the finest crystals and colours to form this beautiful collection.

The whole appeal of Swarovski is it’s timeless, classic and sharp philosophy, that will match any style, age, and look bringing more personality to whatever you are wearing. After all, crystals are girl’s best friend.