As we all know summer is fast approaching and us brits love a good drink, so we’ve been through ‘The Cocktail Collection’. We’ve picked out our favourite fruity fresh summer cocktails, and some with a different twist. Please bare in mind that these cocktails contain alcohol and should only be consumed by (18+year olds UK and 21+ USA).

A perfect long cold drink for a crowd of friends at a summer barbecue!
Serves 6
Juice of 1 orange, 1 lemon, 2 tbsp caster sugar, ice cubes, 1 orange, thinly sliced and 1 lemon, 1 bottle of red wine, chilled and lemonade.

Adam ‘n’ Eve
Don’t expect this cocktail to be full of apples! The base is sharpe and astringent, whilst the top is sweet and frothy – no discrimination here, of course!
Serves 1
2 measures of Triple Sec, 1 measure of Vodka, 1 measure grapefruit and cranberry juice, Ice, 5-6 cubes pineapple, 2 tsp caster sugar, crushed ice and a slice of strawberry to decorate.

Inviting and refreshing, the cosmopolitan is the beverage of choice for the ‘Sex and The City’ girls and is a must at any fashionable party.
Serves 1
2 measures vodka, 1 measure Triple Sec, 1 measure fresh lime and cranberry juice, ice and a strip of orange peel.

Long Island Iced Tea
Dating back to the days of the american prohibition, when it was drunk out of cups in an attempt to fool the FBI that it was harmless, this cocktail has evolved from the original simple combination of Vodka with a dash of Cola.
Serves 1
2 measures Vodka, 1 measure Gin, 1 measure tequila, 1 measure white rum, 1/2 measure white creme de menthe, 2 measures lemon juice, 1 tsp sugar syrup, cracked ice cubes, cola and a slice of line/lemon to decorate.

Be sure to woo your friends with this refreshing and simple drink. It’s also great for parties.
Serves 1
Cracked ice cubes, 2 measures Vodka & peach schnapps, 4 measures of cranberry juice and a cape gooseberry/lime to decorate.

White Diamond Frappe
This is a crazy combination of liquors, but it works well once you’ve added the lemon. Extra crushed ice at the last minute brings out all the separate flavours.
Serves 1
1/4 measure peppermint schnapps, white creme de cacao, anise liquor, lemon juice, ice and crushed ice.

The Airmail
This old classic is basically a Honeysuckle served long and topped with champagne, rum, honey and a touch of citrus freshness make this one of the better champagne cocktails.
Serves 1
2 shot Bacardi Gold Rum, 1/4 shot Monin Honey syrup, 1/2 freshly squeezed lime and ora, top it off with the Champagne of your choice.

Reminder: Please drink responsibly and enjoy.