Ever since the beauty world and celebrity culture, added #contour to their everyday make up regime, with bloggers and digital influences following that trend shortly after most of the general public lost their minds, and most of the savings let’s be honest, to that long lasting beauty trend. And I ain’t going to lie, this trend is going to last for quite some time, I myself am hooked on it. I mean can you blame me, or anyone else for that matter who’s obsessed with beauty? However, theirs another trend for S/S 16, that isn’t as complex as contouring and it is strobing.

I know most of you are in front of your screens like “What are you on about?” I know, I’ve been there. So let me explain to you, what I’m about. Strobing. It is contouring, just without a contour part? Not quite. For those who’s contouring after all this time is still black magic, and muddy cheek just isn’t your type of chic, there might me an alternative for you. Having to contour your entire face, and having wearing all those layers for a whole day, while swearing all that product off (talk about wastage!) I understand! Trust me, this someone from someone who loves make up more than anything in life, but I don’t wear it on regular. Bare face is my style. Mostly because I’m lazy, especially during the hotter days! I fully understand the struggle of not wanting to wear full face of make up, and spending hours on sculpting and blending that bronzer unto the cheek bone and sacrificing my precious sleep in the process. I’m not about that life. Which doesn’t mean I don’t worship contour, oh  trust me I do! Just not most of the time, in the morning especially. Thank goddess, that strobing came to your and mine rescue! Just like contour, strobing is about defining your facial structure, but it only involves highlight. Sure, still use that foundation and concealer, just don’t cake it up. The technique of strobing is very simple. Place the product, intend for highlighting or strobing, on the high points of your face, where the natural light hits your face, and and gently highlight those points. It’s not about changing your facial features, it’s more about defining your natural glow, and features, which for summer what could we want more than a natural look, am I right?

I got the chance to try out the new “Ultra Strobe Balm” from Make Up Revolution, which came out with those couple of months ago. This shade is in “Euphoria” and it’s an interesting one. It’s not your typical powder highlight product, nor it’s in a liquid form. It comes of in a mousse form, when applying it on the highlights of your face, it easiest way, not the cleanest, is your fingers this is the easiest way to get most pigment and the product, or a setting brush or an alternative for lighter coverage would be a fan brush. The shade of “Euphoria” comes of in this interesting baby pink shade with bit of blue tone to it, how it works I have no idea, I’m just another women on the internet who really loves make up. But let me tell you.

This product is great, it really is. However if you want it to work with you, please, please,please be gentle with it! It’s quite intense, and on the swatches, it doesn’t come off as prominent as it does on the face. When I swatched this, I didn’t pack it unto my hand but I wasn’t adding small amount either, however when I applied the same amount unto my cheek bone, it just looked like too much blusher with glitter on it. Let’s just say that I’m all about that glitter and unicorn life, but not when I expect just shine. And I know, we all would love to be unicorns, I mean who wouldn’t, but you do not want to blind anyone with your highlight! So by all means, wear it, love it, just please don’t go over board with it!

Pigment: 10/10             Comfort: 7/10               Lasting: 9/10

It currently retails for £5.00