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Fashion Tip:

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I love wearing colourful outfits on the course. The more colours I wear, the happier I feel, and the better I play! Onesies are my favourite outfits to wear on the course because they’re functional, easy to swing in, comfortable and fashion-forward. This one piece Mirelle Activewear jumpsuit is the perfect look for my game, being outdoors it has a bright tie-die-camouflage pattern. I paired my jumpsuit with one of my favourite “Seema Style” custom FootJoy shoes, the pinks and lime greens match to a tee!

Golf Tip:

  1. Stay Down –Most amateurs share the same tendencies where they lift up through the impact position. We all get anxious to see where our ball is going. Staying down is an important fundamental that creates a better impact position. Trusting your swing and committing to your shot will help you stay down through the ball. When making your transition towards your down swing, keep your chest down through the ball and listen for the noise your club face makes at impact before looking for your ball in the air.
  2. Strong Core –It’s Important to understand that your core muscles are guiding your swing. Your core is what stabilises your body throughout your entire golf swing. Strengthening your core will help provide a more consistent and strong impact position. Tighten your core, and tighten your impact!
  3. Good Extension –Having good extension at impact into your follow through is a must. Good extension means to have strong forearms and width through the golf ball.  Good extension through the ball will allow your club to travel on a wide swing plane, creating solid impact with the golf ball.

Golf Gown Couture

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Fashion Tip: A red dress never goes out of style. This Michael Costello couture is the most beautiful gown I have worn on the golf course. The centre of the dress is embroidered with exquisite diamond embellishments that carefully accentuate my waist. The red-ruffles flow down to the bottom of the gown, giving me the princess ball gown elegance that I love.

Lifestyle Tip: Golf is a glamorous sport. It’s a sport where you are expected to be dressed your best every time you step on course.   Whether you’re playing 18, practicing on the driving range or enjoying the 19th hole with friends, you want to always dress sharp, be an individual, feel comfortable and fire confidently. The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. It’s a beautiful thing to be creative and let yourself shine on and off the course.

 The Hook

Las Vegas Event Photographers, Las Vegas Editorail and Commercia

Fitness Tip: Boxing is a great way to work out and an amazing way to burn calories. When I work on my boxing techniques I enjoy practicing the “hook”. The hook is an inside power punch, it’s a short sideways punch delivered with the elbow bent so the arm forms sort of a hook. It works for strengthening your shoulders and moulding and triceps. There are two ways to practice your boxing and hook techniques:

  1. Punching Bag: Put on your headphones, listen to your favourite songs that pump you up and get in a good sweat using the punching bag. I enjoy the punching bag because I can move at my own speed while keeping to the rhythm of my music.
  1. Spotter: I find myself always getting the best workout when I work with my spotter. Sometimes you need that extra push and encouragement to get in the best workout on that day. It’s nice to be able to be in a ring because you get more than and upper body workout. As well as lower body workout with your spotter, they will have you moving around and working on timing and reaction.

Fashion Tip: EverLast makes the cutest pink boxing gloves that make you feel strong and athletic but still feminine and cute at the same time. I’m wearing an all grey Mirelle Activewear jumpsuit that has the perfect compression material allowing for my body to move freely while I punch away.