Before I even begin, I’ve wanted to introduce myself, my name is Kinga and I am overall shoe lover. But not just a shoe lover, I am a shoe lover! Shoes have always been my personal favourite part of ones wardrobe, whenever it was mine or someone else. If I am eyeing you on the street, I’m most likely checking out your shoes. And not only do I check out those shoes in real life I mostly tend to check them out on the internet, because thats the place where I spend 99% of my time on. So of course having the application of the art of footwear, the trends aren’t exactly a new thing for me.

And today I’ve wanted to introduce you to the old school slingback shoe! I know what you’re thinking “wow, that’s a shoe my grandma would wear” well, looks like your grandmother might turn out actually have excellent fashion taste. I certainly remember my mother wearing slingback shoes back in the early 00’s. And no back them I did not appreciate them the slightest.  But fashion never dies, it always comes back but in different shapes and forms. As the slingback slippers are one of the most seen shoes on the catwalks for S/S ’16 making their way slowly to high end stores and retailers, showing the general public that a stylish shoe can be both practical and comfortable. I know weird concept.

However we all know, and most of the time ignore the fact that the higher the heel the most damage it’s doing, I know we all like to look, tall, prestige and presentable. But all good things can come with a cost that are higher than the heel you’re walking in. And I’m not saying that you should stop wearing those sky high heels, god no. Yet, we can all agree that there are different alternatives in wearing heel, than your traditional stiletto. In all honestly, admitting or not, we actually prefer it. Because lets face it, having your foot arched for 8+ hours isn’t fun, it’s more like a personal torment. Nevertheless, we all love a good heel, and don’t see ourselves live without at least one pair, or dozen let’s be real ladies, spring might be the time, were we may have to step off our high heel and welcome the petit, beauty of slingback shoes. And I will say something now that I’ve never thought I will in my life. These shoes might be the one for your summer of 2016. Because fashion and trends isn’t always about looking great, but it’s also about feeling great. You your shoes will cause you pain bigger than your ex, toss them away, or putt them far, back in your wardrobe and simply replace them with a classic sling back heel. Or shoe, whatever floats your boat.

In either way, we all know trends come and go. One thing is out other item is in. It’s changing so much that even I tend to lose the plot at times. That’s why if you are going to give in into the trends, always go for the classic and easy going choices. That makes choosing of a certain outfit in the morning so much easier, and quite enjoyable in fact, because hey, most items will go together. If getting sling back shoes was on your mind for a while, or is just luring there, waiting to get out and get that pair of shoes, chose the trend, but buy the version of it that won’t actually go out of fashion. This way the old fashioned phase “I have nothing to wear” should not go past your lips. Because thinking about it, buying shoes that are on trend is one of the best investments that you can make. We all need shoes!

For those of you for who the word “budget” doesn’t sound familiar, in which case I am dying out of jealousy, I’ve got a treat for you or should I say the high street retailers got it. The first and foremost must of course be the Gucci, Arielle, sling back, that I’m not going to lie, it’s heel does look like a wine cork, which if you’re like me and you love your wine, that’s great! But if advertising yourself as a wino by wearing shoes isn’t your cup of tea you may like other pair designed by the Gucci, and that would be Leather Horsebit slingback,anyone else got the nostalgic high school uniform memories when looking at shoe?  (high end references)

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 14.24.44.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 14.21.21.png



Louis Vuitton

If you think that spending those kind of money on shoes is outrageous here are some high street options. Just because it costs less doesn’t meant it isn’t as good, especially if you are in fact buying into trend. It will go away after sometime, so why spend hundred  of pounds on something that in 6 months time will end up being used and forgotten until it will come back again in the next 5 years.  Don’t worry, with the rise of fast fashion, the largest retailers have came out with their version of a sling back shoe. And they don’t look bad either.  

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 15.09.55.png

Dorothy Perkins

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Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 14.30.37.png


And the best thing about these is that not only they are easy to wear on your feet but also easy to wear with the wardrobes staples! If a girly look is your thing, the slingback shoes, as much as unfeminine  some of them may look, these will add such comfort factor to the outfit, especially with a floral dress, you may go for more chunky type of slingback shoe, to really show off the comfort of the shoe and the elegance of the dress as well as creating that ideal tall and slim silhouette that works for both nights out and work place. On another hand, if jeans are your go to, channel your inner 90’s style chic, and pair a heeled slick back with boyfriend jeans and a crop top. And you may just look like you’ve putted so much effort into your outfit choice when in fact, it took you two minutes to get dressed. It simply doesn’t get better than that.

Regardless what style you have, these shoes are so easy to work with no matter of the budget or fashion taste, due to large number of choice! As I said, fashion isn’t always about following trends, tailor them to your needs, and always go for the options that you may wear after 6, 10, or 12 months time. Slingback shoes, at first may not be your go to shoe, but once worn, styled and finally accepted and loved, it may actually  the one. And they say that love cannot be bought.