So over the last month or so, I’ve been trying the skinny Minnie’s supplement range along side their meal replacements in a power form which you add water or milk to,  I prefer to use water, some great tastes include;  Orange, Strawberry and Chic Mint, so the mix means you won’t get bored, they really fill you up and taking them along side the supplements really makes a difference. The slim down tablets, you can take 1-3 daily , I found I don’t get hungry as quickly and feel full up quicker. So it’s stopped me snacking as much.

Now they are recommended to use along side the gym, Im really happy with the results , if u did do the gym I think you really would make a massive difference to your weight or figure shape. Roughly 90 tablets in the kits, you can mix and match, with Skinny Minnie’s having different packs and offers, check out their Twitter or Instagram, I’ve added the you tube video I made when I received the parcel, please subscribe, if you have any request’s on videos you’d like too see please ask. I really recommend using the items along side your routine too help with weight lose or your gym routine, adding burn and boost made a difference to my energy level’s,  I do suffer with S.A.D and can feel sluggish.

Check with your doctor If you have any health issue s pre hand, but from own personal experience, I found them great,  1 tablet taken 2 times a day, with 4-6 hours between. Fat burners can dramatically improve the rate in which the body fat is burnt off, all used along side a healthy diet, let’s be honest you won’t see results if you sit and eat biscuits.

Enjoy the video