We got invited down to the Sanctum Soho Hotel on Saturday for lunch, we got our own private booth just adjacent to the bar. The table layout was simplistic but elegant, the concierge came over and asked us if we’d like our coats to be put away. It was somewhat of a new experience for me, I enjoyed it though a new level of customer care. The waitress came over with the menus and asked if we would like anything to drink, we were quite parched so we just asked for water and apple juice.
1551754_10153802872285651_1936505346_nHaving a look around the room, the pillars in the room themselves were quite big, a sexy copper red in the middle, the room had lots of individual booths where people would sit. The art work displayed around the whole of the room like an Art Exhibition it was rather interesting to see, very post modern twist on art. Trying to decide what to have was hard, most of their menus sounded delicious, not only that but deciding whether to have starter and main or main and dessert. We went with our good friend Celebrity MUA and Stylist Lewis-Duncan Weedon, so he decided on a starter and main. We’d decided on main and dessert then we get a balance of everything, seemed more then fair.
Check out their menu:
Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 18.05.41
We couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the food when it arrived, it was presented so beautifully, not to mention we were slightly peckish.
1513272_10153802868950651_885712731_nLime & Gin cured Salmon with Dill picked Cucumber ribbons it came out in a modern styling so simple and chic. Lewis-Duncan cracked some pepper and salt over the salmon, started digging into the meal. He described the meal as fresh and delicious, the way the salmon flaked as you cut into it was perfect. A well balanced fish starter with Lemon and Gin which gave the fresh feeling but with that slight twinge from the gin.
1544373_10153802869365651_1142352866_nWayu Burger, Toasted chiabatta bun, barbecue relish and Cheddar cheese, well when it came out my jaw hit the floor. It was not a burger it was a mountain, garnished with massive battered onion rings. I had to cut the burger in half just so I could eat it properly, it also came with skinny french fries. The battered onion rings had the most perfect crunch to them adding a great texture to the onion inside, so I quickly demolished those. Diving into the burger it was like having a food-gasm, tasting the barbecue in the burger was just pure heaven. I ordered it medium rare, I liked that they asked how I wanted it, I’ve never been asked before for a burger. The crunch of the chiabatta bun mixed with the tenderness of the beef was just simply perfect, it was pure delight.
1517536_10153802870415651_750387990_nPan fried Hakke, Lemon and Chive crushed new potatoes, buttered curly kale and beurre blanc. Just looking at it again makes me hungry, I’m not even a big fan of fish food. Digging into the hake it flaked so perfectly, mixing it with the sauce and crushed potatoes, oh my! It tasted so creamy and delicious you could taste all the different flavours in the meal. The chive with lemon in potatoes was just genius, the right right amounts of everything, perfectly balanced. We could easily live on this everyday and not be board, it was just out of this world.
1530567_10153802872075651_1144060210_nWarm double chocolate brownie with Raspberry sorbet was the last but not the least to come out, we’re big chocolate lovers. The powdered covered brownie smelt amazing, spooning into the desert mixing it with the raspberry cooly. It was like an explosion of taste in my mouth, the sour twinge of raspberry mixed with the coco of chocolate I was so in love. Although it was so warm I almost burnt my mouth, my own fault! I fell in love with the sobet, I’m a sucker for a good ice cream. They placed it on top of chocolate crumbs, mixing that with the sobet, such a clever idea, I did not leave a drop.

This is definitely a restaurant for you guys to try out, a perfect place for during London’s Fashion Week, its tucked away. The staff are uber friendly and professional throughout the whole time you are there, we would go back there again.