Written by Ross Pollard (Fashion Worked)

Four themes, two seasons, one collection, that was Rocky Star at Fashion Scout with his Spring/Summer 2017 catwalk. Embroidery into lighter fabrics, into natural green and brown patchwork into frills set around deep hues that brought to mind varying nudes. To understand a collection that uses such diverse themes is all down to being able to string the ideas together in a way that lead us from one to the other. If not it can seem like the cacophony of ideas clashing, like a case of dropped cymbals rather than a symphony of instruments that produces a sonata that’s light and lifting.

Well with the arrangement sent down the runway Rocky S conducts his wares like any baton twirling maestro of a philharmonic. First up the embroidery struts down the runway, confident, sumptuous yet delicate, patterns evoke the heritage of the label, the floral elements on the dresses giving hints of the natural world the collection is set in, gradually growing from the tighter lines into the looser flowing weft of the lighter fabrics adding a floating notion into the mix, as the embroidery starts to give way to the lighter fabrics the frilled looks so of the season start to emerge alongside the patchwork patterns, all staying in that feeling of the botanical.

These are the colours of our world all used and woven together, lifted from plant, earth, and sky and spun into the range presented. With the patchworks in particular, it reminded me of being in an airplane flying over the fields, the browns greens and yellows mixing to create a sense of organisation yet somehow still haphazard.

Perhaps patchwork describes this collection, each piece lives with the ne beside it, but sometimes we can see the changes clearly and vividly, and like with patches, there is a look for everyone. It’s a bold move to be this diverse when so many are staying in a single idea this season, but Rocky Star makes me glad that people can still produce more than one thought or theme.