Recently I got the chance to review a new luxury Candle brand ‘Senses Candles’ which is located in Bournemouth, these candles are handmade and 100% organic. For all you animal lovers out there, they’re also 100% vegan – which was an interesting thing to read within their press release. The company which is ran by James & Danny also donated some portion of their earning to a charity which is chosen by it’s customers, how amazing is that? Talk about giving back.

When the package arrived it was tied with a lovely red ribbon on top with a bow loop, unwrapping is almost that fun feeling like you’re getting a new present.  Inside the box itself was a medium sized candle with four smaller ones, which looked adorable. Smelling candles before you light or buy them is a key thing – no one wants a candle that either is over powering or has no smell whatsoever.

Each of the candles has their branding label across the glass, which is always a nice touch. Lit the candle and waited for the aroma to come oozing out from the burning candle, however at first you can’t really tell if there’s a scent coming from the candle. My initial thoughts were “I’ve been taken for a ride”, soon enough the scent started creeping out – it’s quite subtle and calming, which I love.

The candle I was sent was the ‘Citrus Fresh’, which is made with grapefruit, sweet lemon and ripe orange, mixed with a hint of sandalwood to create a luxury candle which makes you hungry for some fruit. I was quite surprised at how understated the scent of the candle was, you’re always used to the powerful scents – so this was a welcomed changed to other Candles I have either reviewed or used myself.



One of the benefits of their candles is the effect it can have on the mind, stated on their website it says “Our unique blend of essential oils provide special effects to the mind. Depending on the candle, we promise you’ll feel sweet bliss and a quick perk to lift your spirits.” after a manic day at the office, or even if you’ve just had a stressful day – lighting this candle could completely change your feeling, almost like aroma-therapy.

100% Organic
“All of our ingredients are 100% natural! We try our best to find the best quality soy wax to give you the best results and longest burning candles! Don’t forget about our essential oils!  We want pure plant & fruit extract, not any chemicals!”

“We believe in fairtrade, organic and vegan materials to create our beautiful handmade scented candles. Help make a greener, fairer and wonderful smelling planet.”

* TIP: “As an environmentally friendly family, our packaging is eco-friendly. Our boxes are made from completely recycled material and even our loose-fill is biodegradable.”


They’ve currently started a crowdfunding campaign to help their business get off the ground, click HERE to find out more of the details.