Leanne Louise, the 21 year old singer/songwriter from Chelmsford, Essex has been writing and recording music for 3 years. Her amazing voice, honest lyrics and style has gained fans and propelled her music career forward. Leanne’s music is a mixture of soul, acoustic and stripped back Electronica.
In spring 2014 Indigo Child Records will release Leanne’s debut EP ‘Count My Blessings’ (out now), featuring Pawz (Minarmy) and productions from Playloud and RDubz. The first single from the EP will be ‘Glass House’, a track that stands tall and truly represents who Leanne Louise is and the special music she can create. Expect heads turn when the video is released in June 2014.

We got to have a private listen of  Leanne’s debut EP ‘Count My Blessings’, we couldn’t be more surprised by her sound. The EP is very coherent, we love it.

1) Untitled
The first song in the EP sets the theme, opening with an electrical guitar. In the song she begins her ‘Once Upon a Time’ but its not about happily ever after, its more like a warning of be careful what you wish for. In this monotone base line song, we hear her harmonise really well. Its an interesting song about dreams coming true but in a different light, in how selfishness appears, very poetic indeed.

2) No More
The second song in the EP, it begins with a piano opening with a few vocal rifts. Very John Legend style this song, she even takes a very famous poem and incorporates it into her song, now thats what you call an homage. The song gives us a vibe of a smoke filled room, where she’s singing but the song its self is about complicated love, how that can smother people. She makes a point that lots of people really relate too, society makes love more complex then it needs too.

3) Glass House
This is the first single from the EP which starts of with an Electro vibe, the song also has quite a dark side to it too. Now she talks about living in a Glass House, which suggest she feels exposed. Not only that but she talks about death in the most symbolic way possible but you can sense that this is what the songs about, we applaud her for not being afraid to talk about it.

4) Count My Blessings
The name of the EP comes back with an up tempo piano, as the songstress starts to talk about how theres lots of things she’s never spoke about. Not only that but she vexes alcohol and cigarettes, maybe we’ve found a musicians who’s straight edge, is it possible? She talks about how sharing her feelings like many others causes us pain but she tries to think about all the things she’s grateful for, which is quite pure.

5) Save Your Heart
The last song in the EP, starts off with a Guitar followed by a violin, its very etherial indeed. In this song she tells us not to be afraid of love but with a message of treasuring memories. Its almost like a plea to a lover/boyfriend about how to embrace them and they will save your heart, its very beautiful, very romantic.