A Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him.

I started watching House of Cards around 3 years ago. Three episodes in and I thought, ‘wow, this really isn’t for me’. So being the fickle person I am, I switched it off and ignored it for 3 more years.

Present day, and I’ve fully accepted that Blockbuster Video is well and truly dead and that Netflix is the way forward. Now, like the rest of the human race, I have thousands of shows at my finger tips and a laptop to be a slob in front of. I finished Kimmy Schmidt, Grace & Frankie, Stranger Things. I give House of Cards a go again.

Once you break past the first season, this show really becomes something very, very exciting. Which is weird to say considering it’s so bleak and slowly paced.


But, like the best shows of recent times, that slow burning pace normally leads to an explosive moment that’s so thrilling and shocking, you kind of appreciate that previous gradual build up for easing you in like it did. House of Cards has many moments like this.

This is not just a show about politics. That really is just the base. The White House, the suit and ties, political jargon, it’s all just orbiting around the real themes such as the darker side of the human psyche, the desperation to remain in power and government control, all of which stem from the political foundation.

Robin Wright oozes class and venom whilst Kevin Spacey can be truly terrifying. The cinematography is stunning, the dialogue intense, I even found myself gripped during the political dilemmas and discussions, and that’s when I knew it had really pulled me in.

Even if you don’t like politics, give it a go. Be patient, it’s worth it.