The beauty team at Meade Magazine love Racinne’s products and we’ve all been trying out our favourites… Did you read Kinga’s review on Racinnes’s Ultimate Hydra Perfection?

If you missed it, don’t worry, you can read it here

Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening MasqueI’ve been using their Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Masque and the fabulous Ultimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion over the Christmas period, treating my skin to some extra TLC for the cold weather and in the drying sun on my winter holiday.  From one form of weather to the other, my skin has had to cope with the extreme conditions, both of which are highly drying to it. And these Racinne products step up to the mark.

The Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Masque (£25 75ml) is formulated with extracts of snow lotus and deep sea pearl and produces “a double action whitening formula which rapidly penetrates skin cells, promotes skin rejuvenation, strengthens moisture level and reduces pigmentation.”   It can be used for normal to combination skin and reinforces the skin’s protection against harmful UV damage (essential for my winter sun holiday then!), helping prevent dark spots.  By using it twice a week, skin is smoother and brighter.   And it’s not a chore to use either.  Simply apply in a generous layer to clean skin once or twice a week, let it absorb into your skin, and then wipe off the excess.  Rinse your face when done and you’re good to go!  Definitely worth treating your skin to some extra help to get a radiant healthy glow throughout the cold winter months.

And then there’s the fabulous Time Defying Beauty Ultimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion (£38 30gUltimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion).  It took seven years of research and development to bring out this anti-ageing product!  Something special from the team at Racinne, but then we’d expect nothing less than the best.

For normal to combination skin, massage it into your skin it twice daily (morning and night) in an upward motion from the décolleté over your neck to your chin – think of gravity and help skin further by sweeping upwards and not dragging it down.

This neck cream contains Korean ginseng callus extracts to help boost cell renewal and collagen production, Adenosine, which is a natural inflammatory responsible for energy transfer in cells and SH-Decapeptide-9, a powerful anti-ageing agent to help skin cells repair themselves, thus slowing down the ageing process.  All designed to reduce deep set lines around the neck area, assist in skin cell rejuvenation and moisturise the skin’s surface.

Overall two more fantastic products from the skincare experts at Racinne, and another tick from Meade Magazine’s Beauty team.

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