As winter is approaching with fast pace not only it’s time to change our wardrobes from autumn to winter but also our skin care routines. Just like in summer during the cold winter day’s our skin needs a extra moisture and coverage. Nothing can be more damaging than very dry skin. Being ignored it can lead to swelling and infection. Now, we wouldn’t want that would we?
Racine Ultimate Hydra Perfection Hero Product uses natural callus extract from highly enriched grapes along with seven other effective ingredients to create a powerful antioxidant formula. This helps to repair damaged skin by the harsh environment and creating the youthful glow and moisture. This light, fresh gel enriched with natural peach and grape extract ensures the skins will be deeply hydrated and nourished in instant. The product doesn’t contain any unnecessarily oil nor it leaves out any dried out skin.
After that you would thought that the product cannot get any better, right? It keeps the skin fresh, hydrated and it contains natural properties. It gets better! This product not only keeps the skin perfectly moisturized but when applied before applying makeup, it created a blank canvas and perfectly prepares your skin for makeup application, making sure the makeup won’t move an inch when wearing creating a perfect matte and smooth base.
And as the combination of the weather change from autumn to winter plus the lovely addiction of makeup not always is full of natural ingredients, actually it’s rare that it is, your skin is more vulnerable for breakouts. You would have thought a that a moisturizes will not be big help in this matter? Wrong. After your usual skin care routine, just apply little bit of the Hydra Perfection Hero Product and let it’s do it’s magic. From a personal experience I can say that my breakouts reduced to 60% after only few days of using this product. So if any of you have a skin problem The Hero product, is here to save the day!

Available at Blow LTD for only £32