We’ve been on the hunt for a really cool lifestyle publication that focuses on luxury, and well we managed to find one. The Inside Publication started in Ibiza, building a great reputation for holidays, food and other great ways to enjoy life in Ibiza. We sat down with the owner of the magazine Maria Jordan, we called her over the phone and asked a few questions of our own.


Q) Tell us about the expansion of Inside..
A) Well since the rise of Inside Ibiza we’ve had interest in other areas, plus I think its a natural progression.

Q) So wheres the magazine going?
A) I’m taking the magazine to Miami and Las Vegas, I’m working with a great team of people to make it happen. Inside Ibiza, Vegas and Miami Luxury Lifestyle Magazines. It will launch this summer and offer a very luxurious perspective on all three destinations.

Q) Is the magazine going to print?
A) No our magazine is only going to digital based, we don’t want to alienate any potential customers, makes sense for us.

Q) Who’s your target audience?
A) It’s definitely wealthy individuals who share our passion and vision for a luxury lifestyle. We cherry pick the best of each destination and break down the boundaries of the typical stereotype they may have about the destination. We give our readers a look at private jets, boat charters, culture, food, VIP service, interaction with DJs through music and interviews with international DJs.

Q) Will you be changing your Twitter handle?
A) There’s one I’ve got my eye on, just waiting for Twitter to tell me when the names available. Hopefully by the time we’ve launched the other publications, so keep your eyes peeled guys.

Q) What else can we expect from the Inside family?
A) I am currently looking at other destinations such as South of France and Italy but for now we’re focusing on making the next two publications the best they can be as well as maintaining Inside Ibiza Luxury Lifestyle Magazine.