In many, many music opinions I think there’s one that just doesn’t change. And we’re talking about the greatness of British music industry. Recently I came across an alternative rock band from Bath (don’t we all love the outreach of social media?). And listing to them the statement that “Rock is dead” is completely untrue! With a mixture of soft beat of a drum, electric guitar and calming vocals of the bands lead singer, Matt Aldus, their songs can get addictive after just few listens.

First forming their band in 2012, the young group of friends, all from Bath were welcomed in the music industry with open arms, and still being true to their own believes on their sound. Bringing rock music to its roots of the Blues.  With their debut single, promoting their EP, “Enemies” and despise the negative title, the message of the song is not to be ashamed to ask for help when needed, quite positive message if you ask us. The song that is the first one on the EP, starts off with soft acoustic guitar rhythm and than slowly progressing to electric guitar and drums, mixed with Matt Aldus, calm vocals and the rest of the bands voiced in the chorus, forming into a clam rock choir.

The first single perfectly describes the bands addictive sounds. Completely taking away the all known myth of rock bands being just noise. Even if one is not into rock music, and prefers more calming music, that’s the band to defiantly look at. As Pylo’s influences come from a broad music genres, from the legacy of rock ‘n’ roll, blues to more recent sounds of post-rock and nu-folk booms. Their music is not only ideal to listen to on your iPod on a calm Saturday night, but also due the calm and tones sounds with few beats of drums and electric guitars rhythms, it’s ideal to listen with friends on full blast! The climatic music of Pylo is so easy to listen to for any time of day or night. Which isn’t always the case, especially with modern music. We listened, we’ve fallen in love and we can’t wait to hear more!