Lights go up, cameras are ready, and the first female model goes out on the catwalk wearing nothing but a black silk bodysuit with lace trimming on the hem lines. That’s when I knew that this collection is going to be good. Following the trend for spring summer and autumn winter for 2016 the idea of lingerie being worn in the more casual and open matter the label Prophetik under the creative direction of Jeff Garner took the trend and give his own classic touch to it. The settledness and intimacy of the new collection under the name of “Nevermore” was clear yet chaotic, polished yet messy it was a collection that presented cocktail of emotions. This collection was also not trend setting in it’s lawless way of fashion but it gave a whole new meaning to the diversity of fashion and it’s direction.

Garner himself states his lookout on the collection: “The raven shows us how to go into the dark of our inner self and bring the light of our true self to healing and creation, cultivating renewal, recycling, and reflection. Nevermore is a remembrance and in honour to all of those who have loved and lost.”

With the first two silk body suits, one in black and other one white was a start of a whole new range, intimates collection followed by ready-to-wear with the mix of more formal wear to clothing with the forever breathtaking ball gowns that Jeff Garner had one thing in mind and that was black wedding. I’ve personally almost passed out when seeing them. With the right mixture of artistry and traditional craftsmanship Jeff Garner created a romantic heaven that was lurking between the drape of the fabric and monochromatic patterns and silhouettes that looked like the base of this collection. The heritage of Nevermore takes us as far back as Tennessee, where Jeff Garner’s studio is based and inspiration for this collection. With no less than seven generations in the bloodline where Native American ancestry and folklore flows, raven was one of the inspiration animals. Being the symbol of a light-bringer, brining the understanding of holding the ideal balance. Something that this collection presented very well.

Nevermore is a collection that any women would find a perfect piece of herself, whenever her lifestyle is more settle and professional to  those who like to stand out and look like they’ve been taken out of the Victorian times, which is never a bad thing! The mixture of black, navy crystal clear white made a real statement for those whole were watching. With naturally shed black duck feathers that were linking to the raven feathers, to the salmon sustainable leather and hemp silk all of which was hand-dyed and plant based at the Prophetik Tennessee studio made this collection not only pleasant to the eye but also the heart due to it ethics.

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