Fashion changes every day; new season – new ideas, principles, concepts of beauty and, doubtless, trends. I thought that it’s impossible to astonish me in fashion. There were flawing runway on the Roberto Cavalli show, Chanel supermarket created by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, clouds from Christian Dior runway, grand last show of Mr. Marc Jacobs at LV fashion house as the creative director of the house, and even crazy dances from the true citizens of the New York on the Rich Owens show. Fashion is crazy, and we know and accept this fact. New York and London can astonish us showing new designers and innovative ideas; Milan amuze us with luxury glamour and Paris – with its chic. But what about other fashion weeks and cities? For example, what do you think about Prague? Have you heard anything about PFW before? Yeah, what about Prague? Prague? No? As me.

This season I decided to visit Prague Fashion Week to find fresh new names and designers with original, as to say, exclusive ideas. I expected everything but not the giant octopus in the pack in the hands of a very skinny model in a very narrow dress. That surpassed all my expectations to Prague.

The creator of this ‘octopus’ madness is Tereza Ledvinova. The collection is really fresh and original. I won’t be a liar if say that this designer with such collection may stay in one row with well-known NYFW inhabitants. The runway was full of colorful skirts and jackets, volume coats and bright colours. Crop tops, original quilted coats and jumpers, light wide trousers, bright shades and striped patterns – a deadly combination of fashion.


Another show created by one more Tereza but this time Rosalie Kladosova was the craziest in the list of the Prague runways. To be honest, from the first glance I understood what collection had been a source of inspiration for the designer. Strong influence of the works of legendary Alexander McQueen was in the air. Dare-devil combinations of acid woolen pieces on the massive jackets and coats are absolutely crazy. Every outfit may be in the only one copy, because absolutely every one is individual. There were lemon-coloured lips and juicy crimson sneakers, jackets with too massive pockets and caps for swimming, astonishing bright colourful patterns of the cat’s eye prints, and dark black semi-transparent skirts.


Designer Jana Mikesova and her cozy light collection and Pavel Berky made their shows in their own exclusive manner. Young talented Jana Mikesova – creator of the brand MIK – had shown something absolutely light and aery; the clothes were just weightless. Cashmere stretched capes and jumpers, chiffon light skirts and these incredible lovely spring-summer pastel palette with macaroon colours like crème, vanilla, light blueberry pie, raspberry and powder pink. In the contrast to that romantic collection of Jana, there was a demonstration of a strict collection made by young talent Pavel Berky. It can be noticed that he made an emphasize on the clear sharp-cut lines. Range of colours is quite wide – from dark night blue to sunny mustard and creamy white. Shapes, construction of the outfits and the show itself was incredible. It was impossible not to loudly clap at the end of the runway.

All we know that around every corner lives at least 1% of fashion. But the fact and the main idea is that you cannot be sure where exactly lives fashion. You should find it; you should spend your time to find it. To find necessary dose of fashion. And you know what? I found this dose of necessary fresh fashion in Prague. In a few years, it may be one more center of fashion. You will remember my words, I promise.