Patti Stanger knows love. She understands the “science” behind one of the most complicated formulas: that of relationships. And, she helps people to understand, that while you can’t put a price on love, it certainly doesn’t come cheap. Known as Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker”, Stanger is grounded in reality with a no-nonsense approach to bringing people together at a time when life and all its complications can keep even the most kindred of spirits apart.   She is both sassy and witty, while equally as vulnerable as anyone seeking to make a match. Most of all she is real. She is forgiving and she is all about helping to bring a little more love into our lives even if it means pouring it one glass at a time…


Joshua Estrin: You have clocked so many hours as a Matchmaker. Can you explain the difference between a Yenta and true Matchmaker?
Pattie Stanger: A Yenta is not professional. She is more a busybody or a helpful assistant to the Matchmaker, whereas the true Matchmaker is the workhorse that makes all the magic happen.

JE: We often hear that relationships are hard work. If we accept this as true… Is it love or the people in love that make things complicated?
PS: Finding the right person is the hard part, as love can be elusive. But equally important is to remember is that after that, the hard work doesn’t end. There always needs to be an awareness of expectations, as well as a willingness to embrace acceptance.

JE: Valentine’s Day is upon us and some people always seem to experience the epic fail when it comes to planning romance for his/her special someone.   What is the single most important thing to focus on to make the day special?
PS: I think of Valentine’s Day as “love’s” New Year’s Eve. By that I mean it is a time to reflect upon the relationship and look at what’s working, what’s not working and what one really wants the relationship to be. Romance is about being honest with one another. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for romance and in turn, for honesty.

Patti Gold

 JE: You have an exciting new project. Are you allowed to let us in on your secret?
PS: There is nothing that I love more than connecting those who belong together, and as I’ve told my friends and clients for years, there’s no more romantic way to strike up a new conversation and get to know someone than over a glass of wine – which can really be an aphrodisiac. I was inspired to create PS Match wines to help people make everyday moments feel like occasions worth celebrating without a millionaire’s price tag.

JE: Do you believe in love at first sight or is that simply something of a more carnal nature?PS: I DO believe in love at first sight or more specifically, connecting at first sight. In my opinion, it is all about having had a connection at different time, in a different life.   It’s not meant to be complicated, it is not meant to be fully understood, but when the connection is there we feel it: we know and we should never ignore it.

Patti Purse

Pictures Courtesy of: Randy St. Nichols