We’re in the Grand Connaught Rooms, an excited buzz around the room waiting for the start. It’s a little behind schedule for the 5pm presentation, but the mood is upbeat and the opulent room, mainly dark with soft lighting. Stunning chandeliers adorn the runway. Meade Magazine is front row.

The invitation, a Scratch and Sniff invitation, creates intrigue. “….a bold bouquet of pop culture with overwhelming notes of excess, luxury and ongchancement. Ong Oaj Pairam Autum Winter 2015 collection will blow your nose.” The sweet scent of ‘Success’ is one to inhale, The Glamburger at the Honky Tonk Chelsea’ another, and as for ‘ Not getting out of bed for less than $10,000’….. Were left completely curious as to what to expect next!

The spotlights go up, the runway is lit, the music’s beat is strong… Oversized capes, luxurious and opulent furs, belted furs, belted dresses, strong tailoring, voluminous billowing parachute style dresses. A dazzling collection of greys, furs, prints, metallics and velvets. But it’s the pop culture theme, the Andy Warhol-like approach Ong’s taken and applied to his Autumn Winter 2015 collection, that is most obvious. Images of cameras, animals and faces both in print and beautifully embroidered into the fabrics, creates a camouflage effect. Stunning.

Beautiful models with hair in soft waves, falling gently over the garments, the girls’ lips strikingly painted bold red. Smoky green-grey eyes, made up to enhance the collection not detract from its impact.

What a fantastic show from Ong’s team, what a fabulous collection from Ong. A showcase to be proud of.

Support credits include: Hair by Christiano Basciu for Richard Ward for L’Oreal Professional & Makeup by Arianne Poole

For more information visit: www.ong-oajpairam.com