Feeling sluggish after all that food? New Year’s resolution to burn off all those extra pounds gained or just to get fitter?  Here are a few ideas that may just help you stick to those goals.

Ease your way in.  We make all these tough commitments and promises to ourselves then end up breaking them or losing sight of the goal.  It’s demoralising and very often means that you don’t try again.  How often have you heard someone say “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, because I always break them”?   So take small steps, set realistic achievable goals and re evaluate them each day or week, as you need to.  Every time you reach a milestone, recognise it, and take the next step ahead.

Tell someone.  Tell a friend or family member what you’re trying to do, and how you’re doing so far.  You’re more likely to succeed if someone else is encouraging you and spurring your on and, aware of what you’re trying to do.  You never know, it could be something they want to do to, and may end up joining you!

Write it down.  Write down what you are trying to do, by when, for what reason.  Pin it up somewhere obvious so you see each day what you want to achieve.  Constantly having a reminder of what we want to accomplish is easier when it’s at the forefront of your mind.  It helps you to stay focused.

Set a target.  Be it a date, an amount of money, weight, health, fitness levels, distance you can run, getting that qualification…. If you decided to give up something, can you save the money you would have spent before?  What would you do with that money?  Have a target in mind and aim for it, but make it realistic.

Have fun and stay positive.  No one wants to do something they don’t like, and you’re more likely to quit if you don’t really want to do it.  You have to believe in your goals, and want to achieve the end result.  If you make it fun, you’re more likely to want to carry on, and be proud of the results.

Reward yourself.  And no, I don’t mean have a major blow out if your goal has been to lose weight or get fit, but recognise your positive outcome and consider the next goal. If you’ve told someone where you’re at, you’ll find that praise and their encouragement will be a big morale boost too.

Take small, realistic steps – Tell people – Write it down – Set a target – Have fun – Reward yourself


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