I was recently gifted some CID Cosmetic goodies, my good friend Mikey Phillips is their Celebrity MUA, so I was really excited to receive this make-up. Of course I have to say thank you to them for their amazing gift to me, I’m such a lucky bunny, it’s one of the best eyeliners I’ve ever used, doesn’t move once.
If you are looking for that professional quality then look no further, this brand is also British which I love because I always import from America, such a naughty boy. I always love supporting British brands, gotta support our fellow artists and economy of course. So I’m showing off some of their products that they’ve sent my way, as soon as I heard they were also making the make-up brushes, I knew I had to try and get my hands on them, they’re on the list.

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As you can tell I love this lip colour, i-Pout Scarlet, use it so much, just glides on the lip easy and feels so soft. Just using one coat of i-flutter and your lashes look red carpet ready, making the lashes look massive without inserting fakes, which is fab. If anyone should know its me, I’ve used almost every brand going, as a Celebrity MUA, I have been luckily enough to work with many different brands over the years. Not only that but I love trying out new brands too, got to keep it fresh these days, so much out their.
The other fab thing about this brand is that it seems to be in touch with the youth of today an technology, naming their products i-fix, i-smoulder etc. Very clever renaming from eye, also referencing technology at the same time. You can’t go wrong with a brand that knows its target audience, as well as this the make-up itself is not stupid money either, sensible pricing. Check it out.

Words by: Lewis-Duncan Weedon (@ldweedon)