If you think after Fashion Week your poor feet will get some rest, think again! Because it’s time to get those stilettos out and wear them to press nights! Last night we’ve had been invited to a press launch of My Secret Dressing Room at Soho Hotel. When I had arrived there, I was invited for a short animated screening about the concept of the brand and later on press conference.

So what is my secret dressing room you might ask? Well it’s a secret! But it’s a secret I’m willing to share. This idea originally born in Milan, Italy  in 2013 is being recreated in London due to the huge success of the company. The concept of My Secret Dressing Room is to share fashion in other women from London in London. Let’s face it as we all love fashion not everyone can afford the Hermes Kelly bag or Christian Loubuiton Bianca Patet shoes right? But we all secretly, or maybe not so secretly dream of owning those items at least for one night. Well with My Secret Dressing Room that’s totally possible! This website will allow women within the London area (for now) to chose from over 1,000 pieces of shoes, handbags and clothes to be delivered to your door worn on one night and later on returned to the secret owner. And safely! The garments you will rent, and make money on without selling them, they will also be transported safely and  insured so damaged maybe repaired, if that does happen. Because who wants to see our favourite designer fashion damaged. Not me!  So it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun!

From my point of view it’s an amazing idea! Fashion should connect people and that’s what MYSDROOM.COM will do.  The launch of the website will have its online London debut on 30th of April 2014.