I am a huge fun of leggings. They are comfortable, you can wear them with anything and most of all the sky is the limit when it comes to design of those leggings! I have attended a press day for a company ‘My Love My Leggings’ and the minute I’ve heard the name I knew who I was dealing with, someone who love’s leggings as much as I do.

The concept of My Love My Leggings is to create effortless chic, stylish leg wear to make women look and feel stunning. They create elegant, comfortable and stylish designs of leggings to go with any sense of fashion.

There were two rails, each showing different season for leggings. Each season according to ‘ My Love My Leggings’ had a different use of colour, patterns and fabrics. For Autumn/Winter ’14 the collection was a combination of leather, snake patterns and zips. Yes. Zips! How cool is this idea! We have seen them in jeans but I can’t remember seeing them in leggings the way ‘My Love My Leggings’ have. There was one pair of leather leggings with black zips on that you can open up completely and make your leggings shorter! No, you’re not dreaming. Other from that you can chose from snake pattern leggings that are perfect of camouflage! Trust me, you’ll need them in your wardrobe. There is always someone we prefer to avoid.
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The collection for Spring/Summer is for the lovers of black, myself included. However they have found a different way to wear black on leggings, and that’s texture and shape! Each design is different for another. There is a huge variety of styles, both for office look and a night out. This collection is perfect for us fashionistas as we always want to look stylish but it’s nice from time to time to be comfortable! Well, with this collection it is possible! I don’t know about you but I’m going to max out my credit card on them.
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