Finding gifts is hard. Naturally. Otherwise, I and many other people just wouldn’t bother making gift guides. And finding that perfect gift is hard, especially for people who teach you your whole life that things aren’t everything. Or unlike most of you, I assume, 20 something, have the financial stability to buy whatever they want and that’s the reason why they tell you, gifts don’t matter that much. My mother always taught me that items aren’t everything, and it’s always the thought that counts. And it doesn’t matter whenever you spend 10 pounds or 100. As sentimental as it sounds, as long it comes from the heart, that’s what’s important. And as Mother’s Day is approaching, I’ve created a quick gift guide, for those who don’t have the biggest budget in the world, but still want to show your mother that you appreciate her, and the patience she has for you.





It’s been proven that candles can have lots of benefits, it helps to relax, focus and unwind. Especially after a long and stressful day. And looking from a child’s perspective, I’m sure I gave my mum lots of stress in her life, so the only thing I can do to make up for it, is give something that helps her relax. The Muji candles are also scented, which can also help connect the scent to a memory, and there isn’t anything better than give a scent that reminds you and your mum of the happy memories, or you can make those scents part of your memory.

Price: 3.50 per candle


Scents featured: Jasmine & Black Olive, Elderflower, Cranberry Spiced Tea, Hinoki Wood.


More Candles 

 Sanctuary Spa

And we have more candles. What can I say, candles are awesome! And for Mother’s Day we can only give the awesome stuff to our awesome mothers. I mean, they raised awesome kids after all! When it comes to gifts for Mother’s Day  my personal first choice is Sanctuary Spa. I know it’s good product worth the money, and the fact that my own mum, as I’m sure yours, loves the brand!  These candles burn for so long, with little time to fill up the space with an incredible fresh scent, which is amazing for relaxation time. Which our mothers need most, let’s face it!

Price: 10.00




Cloudberry Bags

Who remembers, when you were a kid, that Mother’s handbag was this magical item, where everything you need was, sweets? Sorted. Toys? No problem. Pen and paper to kill the boredom? Done. Let’s face it. A stylish handbag is the one! The style of it is very “classic” therefore it would fit so many women, as well as it’s quite compact but it can hold almost your entire life! I’m not even kidding! And as mothers are known to have everything in need, this is just perfect!

Price: 35.00





Georg Jensen

No one loves room decor, or decor in general than mothers. And a decor that’s aesthetically pleasing, is practical and expands the size of the room stored in, due to the mirror effect, is a win, win, win, situation! Nothing says “I love you mum” that a mirror shaped bowl! However the use of it can be so versatile and practical, who cares that you would have to save up a little bit to get it. Or get all the money from your savings account. Your mum can use it, in so many different ways, decor, mirror, both, or simply store jewellery in!

Price: 60.00



Soap Slice

Bomb Cosmetics

Yes, you read it right. Soap Slice. Because a bread slice is so inappropriate as a gift! However, this slice, smells, is pretty and keeps you clean! What a fitting gift! But for real. It’s another one of those items that’s just so easy to help relaxation time and unwinding after long day.

Price: 2.49




Hand Serum

Margaret Dabbs London

It’s no brainer that mothers are usually the ones that do most of the work at home. So not only you can help them by actually helping them around the house but also give something that can help them pumper their tired hands. This hand serum is amazing, it’s incredibly light with this zesty scent to it, that’s so refreshing, I wish someone could make a perfume version of it. Apart from that it’s brilliant in hydration, both for day and night. It’s not only practical gift in terms of beauty but also health. Because hydration is the most important thing to healthy and youthful looking skin.

Price: 30.00

Margaret Dabbs London at QVC



Liquid Lipstick

Make Up Revolution

Another beauty item that you may gift your mother for Mother’s Day. Every women loves a good old lipstick. And I’m sure your mother loves it as well. I’ve picked up the light shade of pink, as it can be so versatile and suitable for almost every occasion, whenever it is running errands or a family dinner.

Price: 3.00

Colour: “What I believe”



Mothers Pendant

Iridescence Jewelleryuc

Nothing says “Mothers Day” like a piece of jewellery with the word “Mother” engraved on top of it. But such a little piece of item can be so meaningful. And quite self explanatory as Mother’s Day gift.  It’s such a delicate way to let your mum know that you appreciate her, plus there isn’t a better jewellery than jewellery with meaning behind it.  Fashion would be as big of a thing as it is today if it wouldn’t have any meaning.

Price: 12.00


Photography & Product Styling: Kinga Kurek