Slowly but surely, more and more men around the world are starting to care about their skin. About bloody time! While yes men are caring more they aren’t exactly down with the know how to properly aid their skin on its way to glory. I believe the skin is the largest organ you have because it serves as a protective layer against the elements and also breathes and perspires to provide overall temperature control for your body. Due to a busy lifestyle, outdoor activates, harsh weather conditions, pollution and poor diets our skin can look tired, old, dull, loose, blemished and altogether unforgiving.
A good skin care regime can help balance your skin and your lifestyle to prevent all these negatives stopping you from looking your best and getting laid. Don’t act like that isn’t the reason you’re paying attention!
Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; Beauty Boy is here to save your day and your face, and your sex life. You’re very welcome.Firstly you need a basic daily routine.

· Cleanse – Cleansing your skin will remove dirt and impurities and leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Oily skin will benefit from foaming or gel cleansers whereas dry skin will prefer lotions.
· Tone – After washing your face your PH balance will be less acidic making it more susceptible to blemishes. Toner will balance the PH again helping it fight off impurities from day to day pollution.
· Eye Cream – Man shouldn’t scoff at eye cream, neglect your eyes and they can make you look 10years older than you are. Eye cream should be applied to you orbital bone (that’s the bone your going to hear crack when I hit you for not following my next bit of advice) and no closer to your socket to avoid build up under the skin that will cause puffiness.· Serum- Probably the product most overlooked in anyone’s regime but everyone should be using one! They have a higher concentration of active ingredients to help penetrate a deeper layer of the skin to achieve amazing results. Whether you’re blessed with a good complexion (so not me) or have blemishes or an oily completion (that’s more like it) the sheer variety that you have in serums can accommodate even the craziest of beauty junkies (definitely me). I recommend having a few that target different areas – anti-wrinkle, luminosity, mattifying etc. Experiment with them and work out what works best for you.
· Moisturise – The type of moisteriser and its texture will depend on your skin type. Oily skin will work best with a fluid where dry skin will prefer a richer cream. Dehydration and age should also be taken into account. If you don’t know your skin type then ask at a beauty counter for a consultation and a specialist will diagnose your skin for you.

Once a week use a good exfoliation treatment to rid you of dead skin cells and help new skin rise to the surface. This gives luminosity back to your skin and leaves it positively glowing. I also recommend a weekly facemask. The type of mask you use should again depend on your skin type but I’d definitely recommend a deep cleansing one if like me you live in the city, work out a lot and like to party. Drinking in Soho and sweating like a pig while dancing along to Kesha all weekend (not my finest hour) does not do wonders for the skin, believe me.

I rarely shave my entire face. I like a little beard, at most I trim it once a week but on the occasions I do shave I have the right products to do so. Start with a shaving foam for sensitive skin. Products for sensitive skin are best for shaving as you’ll be running razor sharp knifes over your face and your skin is not going to love you for it, think rashes, redness and small cuts. To help reduce the risk of these unsightly shaving nightmares use a soothing post shave cream. I prefer cream to a splash on, as it is more soothing. And ain’t nobody gonna wanna kiss a razor burned mush. Oh and gentleman, eau de toilets and eau de purfums are not to be sprayed on your god dam face. A part of my soul dies every time you do it and wonder why it stings. Duh! It’s perfume!

There you have it! A basic run down of men’s skin care. Once you got this down and your comfortable with the products you have why not branch out? Try a few different brands and expand your skin care knowledge. Let me know in the comment section what products and brands you are living for, maybe it’ll be something new I could try out myself. Until then, you’re very welcome.