Having studied Art at school, and Graphics at St.Martins & Leeds, creativity has always been in Marc, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that he realised that he wanted to pursue photography full-time. Having spent 5 years at Apple’s advertising agency (Media Arts Lab) working as a senior Tech Specialist, Marc had outstayed his welcome in the world of technology – and he had to come back to doing something creative.

What started out as a personal project taking shots of the London Underground, soon became a fledgling photography career in fashion and portraiture. Marc is a huge fan of using natural light to do street photography, but he’s also drawn to beauty and editorial work. His inspiration comes from all forms of art…..from Keith Haring’s pop art, through to the beautiful portrait photography of Vincent Peters. Marc is on a mission to become a respected and skilled fashion photographer, and his journey has begun with numerous published editorials and lookbooks for fashion brands. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Marc’s work, and some of his best will be appearing in/on MeadeMAN.

Models: Courtney & Hannah
Styling: Lewis-Duncan Weedon
Clothing: La Redoute, Carlotta Actis Barone
Location: London