Dora Martin. The fusion of two thriving London-bred solo artists. A progeny, free from boundaries and limitations, comprised of singer/song writers Cherri Voncelle (Cherri V) and Jermaine Riley. With career paths running seemingly parallel to one another, over time their connection was undeniable, often described by their peers as each other’s musical mirror image. One thing is for certain: putting their creative minds together results in something special. Having both experienced the roller-coaster of talent shows, song writing camps, 3-piece groups, major record deals, several mixtape releases and touring domestically and internationally, 2012 saw Voncelle and Riley come to the realisation that the timing was right to turn the page on a new musical chapter; together. A duo, with a birth name derived from the reputations of one noteworthy “explorer” and a legendary leader who had a dream. 

Dora Martin set the tone with this very profound approach to their self-penned first single. With an infectious chorus coupled with smooth, yet unconventional production (courtesy of DGAFM), “Skyline” tells the story of a long distance love. “Love ain’t far away cause I’m / Not afraid to take the chance to fly… ” speaks of the boldness overriding the fear to love outside of your comfort zone or country boarders, as well as the excitement that comes along with that very fact. With a melody which gently entices you to repeat it, “Skyline”, along with Dora Martin, stand alone in today’s UK music climate.

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They were  featured/interviewed on Coca Cola’s website who they curated an exclusive playlist for their campaign ‘PLACELISTS’ partnership with Spotify. They have been featured on Music News which is one of Europe’s largest entertainment platforms, and launched their ‘Garage Door’ series.

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We got to have a listen of their new EP called ‘Coalition’, consisting of 5 tracks with an RNB vibe.

1) Love Insanic
The first song in the EP, its starts out with an Alicia Keys vibe, which of course we adore. Listening them sing together, is just beautiful like a Beyonce and Jason Deluro duet. The track itself is really catchy and has good bounce to it, really does have a traditional RNB feel to it.

2) Skyline
the first single from the EP, it starts off with a ping-pong electro vibe. The vocals are slow and soft, its quite therapeutic. This song is like being drag back to the 90’s RnB reminiscent of Gabrielle and Brandy, lots of piano and techno vibes within it and of course vocal rifts too.

3) Solider
The 3rd song from the EP, starts of very acoustic and then the drum kicks in and it sounds really sassy. This is one of the songs you would see on TV, you know those ones where there showing a sex scene. I mean we might get the wrong vibe about this song, it just has that feeling, and well we love it. The song has that Destiny’s Child vibe to it, with great male vocals mixed into the song, this might be a song we’l put into our iPhone.

4) Black History
This song starts out from the beginning, drums banging very retro. This song we feel holds lots of meaning to them personally and talks about how past held them down, its very deep. Talking about how sometimes going back to try and fix something doesn’t always work, talking about lots of people struggles, we think lots of people might relate to this.

5) Blind Man Treasure
The last song from the EP, this song is very chilled out from the rest of the EP. Maybe to wind down their listeners, we would definitely put this song on for a dinner party. Even though you can hear the RNB vibe slightly, we think this is a song you’d see on one of those relaxation or chill out CD’s the compile for people.