From learning about fashion craft from industry’s legends like Alexander McQueen himself, and working on countless fashion shows in both London and Milan. Maria Steffani gained the knowledge and later on established her own brand, using her own name for the label, Maria Steffani has created collections for women.  But not just any women. The collection for spring season is the one for modern women.

Full of neutral blacks and white, with a pop of colour from the purple dress or printed flower shirt. Full of feminine silhouettes the collection is for someone who is laid back, isn’t afraid little nudity, is incredibly feminine but still has a bit of grunge inside of her. It’s for someone who isn’t afraid, her idea of perfection comes with having slight imperfections. The effortless collection that is so easy to wear all together due to having the mix and match pieces, but it can also be worn with even a simple pair of jeans due to having the simple but elegant structure to them. These clothes aren’t there to be hidden in, they meant to entitle women and give them confidence that is need to achieve their ambitions and dreams.

Due to versatile and simple designs, the outfits can be worn on every occasion, from formal work event or lazy Sunday afternoon at home.  Maria Steffani’s spring collection is the ideal combination between the dark grunge aesthetic and French elegance. From light black batwing chiffon sleeves of shirt to leather pencil shirt to plane white dress. It’s a collection that is so easy to dress up and dress down making fashion fun and easy!

mariasteffani_ss15_007 mariasteffani_ss15_006 mariasteffani_ss15_005 mariasteffani_ss15_004 mariasteffani_ss15_002 mariasteffani_ss15_001