Unless you were living under a rock, or in a cave, and are obsessed with beauty products you would know that Make Up Revolution London has launched it’s collaboration palette with The British Fashion Blogger, Jane Cunningham, has collaborated with the British beauty brand and created an eyeshadow palette with 30 shades of eyeshadow for just about anyone. From matte to sheen and glitter. The Fortune Favours the Brave Palette that makes even the most create smokey eye seem possible! From the base colours, to inner corner highlights, to the shadiest shades of browns, navy’s, gold’s and greens.  The wide range of colours and shades makes this palette ideal for anyone, making it so versatile. Make Up Revolution is definitely one of those beauty brands that’s know for a massive colour range and pigmentation of their eyeshadows  on a low price point. And this palette has it, the beautiful colour range but where’s with that pigmentation? Unless you’re swatching the shimmer colour or the dark colours, I must say the darker the colour the better pigmentation, I was impressed on that one, don’t expect really intense pigment of the eyeshadow on your arm. But the eyeshadows are meant for eyes and not arms so I guess it doesn’t matter that much, especially since when applied on an eyelid and eye crease, the colours transfer beautifully with a high pigmentation, so maybe don’t swatch the colours on your arm, just go straight for the eye.




The Cool Tones 

From left to right: Glimmer, Buffer, Peachy, Hope, Fortune, Skylight, Transformer, Midnight Rainbow.

The new Make Up Revolution “Fortune Favourites the Brave” starts of with a selection of pressed eyeshadows going from neutral, to shimmery warm shades and cool tones. Pretty impressive for a first row of the eyeshadow palette, it definitely doesn’t lack diversity when it comes to colours! But as I said, these hand swatches don’t do them any justice! This row of colours, is fabulous combination of your “wear it everyday” kind of eyeshadow to the shades of blues and turquoise that were also seen on the catwalks during SS ’16!



The Earth Tones  

From left to right: Ice Cloud, Golden Coins, Cashmere, Tip Top, Yes Please, Green Machine, Smoothie. 

The second row is a jack pot for those who really like a colour on their eyelid but still like to remain in the neutral range of eyeshadows, the Cashmere is amazing transition colour for the eye crease! It’s one of those shades that will go well with every single of the colours from this eyeshadow palette, and in all honesty that’s all we want after all, right? Who needs an entire palette when it’s all about one colour, right?  Well wrong. As I said this shade goes well with all of the shades and colours and tones of this palette so you might as well have them all. Next to Cashmere, there’s a Tip Top being your perfect natural olive shade that mixes perfectly with Yes, Please! And there isn’t anything more that screams Spring Summer 2016 than green eye make up!



The Neutrals 

From left to right: Caffeine Fix, Latte, Pink Diamond, Creme, Drama Queen, Lonely Planet, Blacqua.

The third row of the palette was my favourite, personally. And I feel like it will appeal to many of you. The colour palette of is perfect for a classic brown smokey eye, a natural look and the darkest smokey eye you can imagine. If a shade of black is darker than your morning coffee, that one shade is defiantly worth the entire purchase of the pallet! In addiction to the dark side of the colours, there are also some amazing neutral shades, such as Caffeine Fix (and can we also talk about the name choices for a second!) and latte. Pink Diamond is a baked shade that not only is stunning neutral but also inner corner highlight! This neutral row of colours is ideal selection of natural eyeshadows for every skin tone,  and combination!




The Warm Tones 

From left to right: Soft, New World, Favour, Sunset Hour, Super Gold, Winning, Brave, The Revolution.

The best things are saved for the last! The last combination of the eyeshadows are more on the warm side. Starting of with an amazing highlight colour of the name Soft, to your pinks and orange shades, and if that orange shades are mixed with taupes and brows like The Revolution for example it’s your perfect summer eye look! That last row would be definitely a good use for those who like to play around with their make up from day looks to night looks, making it so easy to mix and match.

I must say, a make up palette with such a wide range of colours for such a low price was quite impressive, even if the swatches aren’t the best, but as I said, eyeshadow belongs on your eye and not your arm!

It retails for £9.99