As we all know London Fashion Week is in the next two weeks, wow that came around fast now didn’t it. LFW is one of the biggest events in London, bringing lots of Press, Buyers and potential economy benefits. It’s said that the Fashion industry makes billions over the Fashion Week period, it one of the most important times in the year.

However what we have noticed arising is the huge costs of being a designer, a lot of big companies have pulled out as sponsors because of the late economic restraints. It cost Fashion Scout around about £1.4m investment from Vauxhall the car company, as they recently had to start saving money. They say now to show at these big shows where most of the press is costs around £22,000 a pop! WOW! astonishing thats what some people make in a year. As new designers how could they possibly afford this without A) a loan or B) a sponsor.
Now lots of designers are starting to look for other places to showcase their work, even if that means they’re not on the official schedule. In these uncertain times of the economy ever getting better, it seems now that some of the fashion industry is struggle. Not that they’d admit it.

Lots of small industries now have twigged on that these designers are not happy in the price hike, such places like Fashions Finest which has hosted many off Schedule shows. They are getting more and more designers applying to show or they are having small presentations in clubs, hotels or boutiques. What does this mean for the fashion world? does this mean we will see a repetitious cycle of the same designers, not looking at anything new.
Lots of the global names we all love and know, they are all owned by huge multi-million pound industries who have the budgets to show extravagantly. Small designers it seems now don’t stand a chance, even if they do show, they don’t always get huge press coverage.

It seems now London Fashion Week is trying to be more elitist in the way it picks its designer, press and bloggers. Editing out a lot of people from the big shows, almost like a clique group. Now we are not trashing London Fashion Week, however we know that lots of bloggers are unhappy about the change in rules. More so that they’ve even gone to create their own fashion week, calling it Bloggers Fashion Week. This will be the first year that it will officially launch, backed by an american company, known for its gifting lounges.
Now this fight back against the big companies is admirable, it also gives the chance to people wanting to make a name in the industry to do so. In the rise of demand for new and exciting brands, it’s people like this who will eventually be the big names for discovering the talent. We think times are changing and something exciting is about to begin.