London Fashion Week long gone, but this doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about all of these amazing collections shown during the crazy few days. My appreciation for unique designers is greater than ever, in such a consumed fashion its hard finding clothes not to wear but to lush over, to take your breath away and wish you would be brave enough to wear such outfit on a casual day. For the second season around Little Shilpa has not disappointed us one bit, a designer who pushed the boundaries of wearable and artists took us to a real Wonderland, ok the presentation was happening in the Library London, which was just as stunning. The venue crowded with photographers and fashion personalities sipping gin and tonic unable to take their eyes away from the models wearing the unforgettable pieces. Being inspired by the classic tale from Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland, no wonder the clothes and headpieces looked so surreal we couldn’t believe our eyes. Yet alone think about how long it must have taken to create those garments and head accessories! Models walking down the stairs to the slow music, presenting the beautiful craftsmanship created by Shilpa Chavan. Fashion indeed is art and seeing collections such as this just proves it and brings back the faith in fashion once again! With the headpieces steeling all the show, each headpiece different from the next, exploring the theme of Wonderland, one of the first head pieces we saw was a black and white pleated face mask, that very much looked like a Gothic inspiration of the white rabbit. Following with the card structure that was torment into the most beautiful and unforgivable piece of all with the hundred of layered cards just casually sitting on models head. And as the theme of the show was Wonderland, the inspiration of the Mad Hatter must have been there, the models had their own tea party after all.  The much bigger than the standard size hat, with a statement “Madness of Muchness” popping up of its cylinder is something I like to call a statement hat! Call me mad but I definitely see someone of the pieces being worn in everyday life, that of course being if you like to be different than everyone.

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