Let’s meet Louisa Ashforth.  She’s the 34 year old from Sheffield who opened up her own successful beauty salon 13 years ago, and subsequently launched her own skincare range, LA Skincare.

Passionate and enthusiastic about skincare and beauty, Louisa used some big brands in her own salon, keen to promote relaxation, happiness and great skincare.  Louisa firmly believes “if your skin looks and feels great, you feel great.”  However, after a while Louisa started to take more interest in the products she was using in her salon, and their ingredients.

“There were so many chemical enhancements and parabens used to preserve the shelf life of the products, that I felt cheated.”  She’d built up the trust and respect of her clients with their skin, and began to realise that she wasn’t giving them the best deal, and wasn’t comfortable to use them in the salon for her treatments.  It’s clear Louisa really does care about her clients and love what she does.


Louisa said “It shocked me at how cheap the products were to make and hold with unsavoury chemicals, all in the name of profit…. I promised that my clients would have something that their skin would relish, as much as they would themselves!”  For the rare times that a chemical has been used in her products, it has been derived from nature, and the range is not tested on animals.

Choosing the initials of her own name for her brand – LA Skincare – seemed to fit perfectly.  The exquisite skin care line was then created with passion, enthusiasm and love.  The same love that Louisa has for skincare.

Louisa knows that skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psorasis exist and, for her, the fact that LA Skincare can absolutely help and not irritate those inflammatory issues is a driving force.  And knowing also that good skin can help restore and boost someone’s self-esteem and confidence, Louisa’s inspiration and passion seems to grow further.

So what’s the impact been for her?  “It has been a success from day one.  Clients in my salon were happy to change as they trusted me, which made me feel honoured, yet at the same time pressured as I did not want to let them down.”  It’s at this point that anyone’s nerves would start to build – expectations run high!  But for Louisa it worked.  Her skincare lived up to my ideals and theirs, and she converted her salon’s product range from a commercial brand to her own.  It’s clear that Louisa values her clients’ support – “My clients are my rock and inspire me every day.  They support me in everything and really make me feel what I am doing is worthwhile.”

And now?  Well natural, animal friendly, luxurious LA Skincare is going places.   Following a number of trade shows and exhibitions, she’s branched out into supplying other salons now, and has growing interest from the U.S. and Marbella, Spain.

Good luck LA Skincare – we’re following your next steps and wishing you well.

LA Skincare products are made in the UK to EU regulations with no artificial colours and Paraben free


Cleanse – Squeaky Clean Foaming Face Wash Cleanser 100ml £20

squeaky clean cleanser

Exfoliate – Sweetie Sugar Exfoliating Scrub 50ml £20
sugar scrub

Purify – Chocolate Delight Enzyme Peel Mask 50ml £45

chocolate delightMoisturise – Plump Me Up Gel Moisturiser 50ml £40

plump me up

Treat – Soft As Silk Nourishing Serum 30ml £30


Protect – Whipped Cream Moisturiser With Sunscreen 50ml £45

whipped cream

Available from www.laskincare.com & Selected Salons.