Kevin Layton is a world renowned photographer expert in fashion and lifestyle trends for New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco and London. We were absolutely thrilled with the excellence and professionalism of his work. Kevin Layton is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience. He currently owns Kevin Layton photography, a fashion and lifestyle photography company. His experience includes photography for brands such as Brandy and New Amsterdam Vodka. He has had the opportunity to work with stars such as the beautiful and talented Sara Evans professional golfer, Brittany Lincicome, and Marcel Reece, starting Fullback for the Oakland Raiders. He has had the pleasure of working with some well-known, talented models such as: Lluvy Gomez, Brookelyn Torres, Hugo Lopez, Sharif Rosales-Webb, Jarrett Robinson, Christon Rance, Shaye Love, and Maxine Goynes.
Kevin has also collaborated with International Spray make-up expert such as Barbara Carlinii, CEO and Founder at CARLINII Group located in London, UK; Emily Shaw of LFI Cosmetics located in Los Angeles, California; and Peggy Lucas who represents Bay Area talent from Sausalito, California. On set, Kevin worked closely with grip master Todd Kuhn of San Francisco, California at Twenty Five Lusk, an upscale restaurant also located in San Francisco, California.

For over two years he’s worked closely with fashion stylist Brad Mollath, to determine wardrobe and in studio sets, designed food and product displays with food stylists and other photographers to capture high end food imagery. Collaboration with such creative individuals is key. It opens up the artist’s mind to greater thinking and creates synergy, which produces edgy and trend setting styles in all areas. The highest quality of imagery is Kevin’s ultimate goal. He wants his clients satisfied and the general public to be in awe of his clean, modern, and simplistic style.
He does not use gimmicks to draw in his audience. It seems the fashion photography standard is to collaborate with professionals to create a multitude of photography styles.

While various photographers, perhaps incorporate off camera flash or strobes, Kevin prefers to use natural and reflective lighting. Reflective lighting can be produced using reflectors or natural elements of nature such sheer cliffs while also utilizing back sunlight. Kevin is well scripted in many different lighting conditions and loves shooting outdoors. This helps him utilize the surrounding scenery and ever changing light to create a multitude, yet high consistent quality, of images for his client’s needs.
He uses natural light, unique models, and complementary sets and scenery in conjunction with his minimalist styles. All photographers must begin somewhere, and Kevin started at an early age drawing and painting in various mediums. His natural talents and abilities lead him to develop his interest in design and typography. Finally, he pursued photography and instantly knew what he wanted once he picked up the camera. His style has always been modern and simplistic, but with gained experience, collaboration with other professions, and a desire to continuously evolve into a top photographer, he has become the artist he is today. A solid, reliable, and genuine person who develops great relationship with his clients. His clients trust his work and judgement, and therefore are comfortable in front of his camera making his job enjoyable, refreshing, and satisfying.